Elect our all-women Labour team

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Elect our all-women Labour team
We did it
On 15th October 2018 we successfully raised £631 with 22 supporters in 49 days

Support the campaign of Labour women - Cllr Emma Daniel, Eleanor Humphrey and Danielle Spencer to win in Hanover & Elm Grove

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New stretch target

The money we raise funds our leaflets, social media advertising, and the costs of campaigning like rosettes, stickers and posters to help people show their support for our campaign.

It also enables us to hire rooms to meet with residents and hear what they want us to achieve for them. 

We are a really powerful, united team of three women keen to serve the city and the ward of Hanover & Elm Grove with Labour values. Together we want to be part of supporting the most vulnerable, fighting homelessness and child poverty and ensuring our city is place where everyone can succeed. 

Cllr Emma Daniel has lead on welcoming refugees from Syria to the city, with an innovative approach ensuring that nobody already waiting for a home was pushed down the queue. This approach was pioneered here but taken up by Labour councils in London. She has passionately championed our city's progress on Trans Inclusion in the national and international media. And, has lead on ensuring that there is a package of advice, advocacy and emergency funding for those affected by welfare reform. During her time as a councillor, she fundraised for an education project and volunteered for it in the Calais Jungle and set up a coats and uniform community wardrobe for families affected by the high cost of living in the city. She is a proud trade unionist and member of GMB.

Eleanor Humphrey is a maths and science teacher. She is passionate about education and in particular, encouraging girls in STEM subjects. She lives in the ward and has campaigned for LBGT rights. She has actively campaigned in many areas for Labour candidates.

She has joined in Acorn Renters Union campaigns for residents in Hanover to support the rights of tenants to be treated fairly by lettings agencies. 

Danielle Spencer is a women's rights professional and works to influence the UK Government and the UN on violence against women and girls issues.  

Danielle has worked on the front-lines of many humanitarian conflicts, including Syria, Somalia and South Sudan.  She was recently a whistleblower in the safeguarding scandal and organised collective action across the world amongst female aid workers across the globe (see: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-43206297; https://www.changingaid.org/openletter.html).

Danielle started volunteering at the age of 15, when she worked as a volunteer youth worker in her home town of Liverpool.  Since moving to Brighton she has dedicated her free time to the Labour Party.  She served as Women's Officer in Hove CLP for a year and actively supported other women to take on leadership roles in the party.  Danielle is also a graduate of the Labour Women's Network Aspiring Leaders and Candidates Training and had the privilege of addressing Labour Party conference last year as a delegate, where she spoke about domestic violence: (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GW2dinUbEk&t=1s)

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