Hannah's Smile

Hannah's Smile

Selfless teacher gives up her time to further the education opportunities in Ghana but is injured in terrible Road traffic accident.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In Summer 2016, my sister Hannah travelled to Ghana with a group of teachers to help improve the lives of the children living there.

As a teacher, she was using her skills to help advance the education in Ghanaian schools,  training teachers and working with the children in their classrooms.

Hannah saved up to take this 6 week trip of a lifetime, spending a portion of her deposit for a house to selflessly give her time to the people of Ghana.

Unfortunately, Hannah's trip was cut short when she and two other members of her group were involved in a horrific Road traffic accident whilst travelling on their project.  The taxi they were travelling in was hit head on and, despite wearing a seatbelt, Hannah was thrown forwards into the back of the seat in front.  Hannah was rushed to hospital having lost three teeth, her jawbone and suffering a broken nose.

She and the others were incredibly lucky to survive the accident but no-one could have envisaged the financial implications of the accident.  Hannah was very careful to choose quality travel insurance before leaving for Ghana but, unfortunately, her insurance will not pay out on the extensive dental and reconstructive work that she now requires.  The nhs also refuse to fund the surgery leaving Hannah with surgical and dental bills running into the thousands.  Hannah is likely to spend the next 12 months undergoing reconstructive surgery to rebuild her jaw and fit dental implants to replace her lost teeth.

Hannah spent a small fortune to better the lives of others and is now in a position where she has lost her entire house deposit paying for surgical work.

If you are able to donate even a small amount it would really help her to get back on her feet.  Hannah is a dedicated early years teacher and the events of the Summer really affected her but she is still determined to teach her class, even after surgery.  She is so inspirational to the children that she works with and it would be great if we could help her out.

All money raised will be split between Hannah's medical bills and on resources for the Ghana project that Hannah should have attended this Summer.

Thank you for your help!