Hannah's Fight - HSCT Fundraising

by Sarah O'Neill in Oadby, England, United Kingdom

Hannah's Fight - HSCT Fundraising
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We have to get this treatment for Hannah. It isn't a luxury, it's a need, and we have to grab the help that's there before it's too late

by Sarah O'Neill in Oadby, England, United Kingdom

My sister was diagnosed with MS aged 21. She had already been suffering symptoms for years, and has since lived with this crappy, debilitating disease for 17 years. She  has good days and bad days, and totally sh*t days where her body  doesn't work at all how it should, yet you don't hear her complain - she  still looks at it that many others are worse off and not as lucky as  she is, so she has to enjoy what she can and is grateful for it. She has  continued working her entire life even though the easy option to give  it up was offered to her years ago - she LIVES with this disease, and  lives as well as she can. Even when the basic daily tasks of her life  grind her to a halt she just rests and gets back in the game when she  can - honest to God you may think I'm saying this just because she's my  sister but if you knew her you'd be inspired. She has fundraised over the years for many charities, doing crazy stuff like skydiving to help others. She goes out of her way to do things for other people that most of us wouldn't have the patience for. Now I need you to please help her.

She  has RRMS (relapsing remitting MS) where attacks or relapses are  followed by periods of remission. She has been on various drugs and  trials throughout her life, all with the aim of stopping it progressing  as much as possible. Now though there is a new treatment available  called Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT). It is a  procedure that aims to reset the faulty immune system. Haematopoietic  stem cells are taken from your bone marrow or blood before your immune  system is wiped out with chemotherapy. The cells are then reintroduced  into your blood, where they grow a new immune system that will hopefully  no longer attack your nerves. It is a massively agressive treatment,  but the results are amazing and people are getting their lives back.

HSCT has proven to be very effective for people with active MS. It can reduce relapses and stabilise or even improve disability for some.  It is a hugely promising treatment for MS, but it comes with high risks and there are lots of factors to consider. Only people who meet a very specific medical criteria can be considered. MY SISTER IS ONE OF THOSE  PEOPLE. Unfortunately she isn't entitled to any help paying for this treatment ... which is where you come in. For the HSCT itself, plus medical care and drug costs during recovery we are aiming to raise £80,000. Yes a huge sum of money I know, astronomical, but at the end of  the day it's only money -  and she's more than worth every penny.

We  are undertaking various fundraisers and events to raise as much as  we can, and will post details as often as possible to keep you all updated - if you haven’t already joined the Facebook page feel free to join and share www.facebook.com/pg/beatMStoday

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