Hannah & Tasha’s Sky Dive in memory of Shaun Brady

by Hannah Brady in Hindley, England, United Kingdom

Hannah & Tasha’s Sky Dive in memory of Shaun Brady


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To secure bereavement support for Covid-19 victim’s families and to save lives with a public inquiry into the Covid-19 pandemic

The 16th of November 2020 marks 6 months since Shaun Brady lost his life to Covid-19. Dad was only 55 years old.

In his memory, we, his daughters are cycling 5.5 miles for 55 days, starting on the 23rd of September and ending on the 16th November 2020. On that date, or as close as possible, we’ll then be completing a sky dive!

We are paying for the sky dive ourselves, and we hope to raise £2000.00 in Dads memory for our Campaign. 

Our Dad was Shaun Brady. Dad was 55 years old, a fit and healthy key worker with no underlying health conditions. He hadn’t had a day off sick in 21 years until he was hospitalised with Covid-19 in early April. Dad spent 42 nights on a ventilator in Wigan ICU until Doctors told us, his 22 and 24 year old Daughters, that there was no chance of survival. We held his hand and we watched him die.

Our Nan, Dads Mum, also caught Covid in her care home. She initially survived and battled on until Covid’s long lasting effects on her combined with her underlying health conditions became too much and she also died on the 18th of July.

Bereaved Families need two things, and our campaign, Covid-19 Bereaved Families For Justice UK, are calling for both.

Firstly, access to Covid specific bereavement support. To be unable to see, speak to or be with our Dad while he was in Hospital, only to see him on the day that he died was something we will never get over. Watching him pass away in front of our eyes is something we will never get over. Not being able to hug family and friends when we needed them the most is something we’ll never get over. Currently, there is no free Covid specific bereavement support for anyone who has lost a loved one to Covid-19. Our Group have secured limited spots with the National Bereavement Partnership, but for people outside the group, they are having to try and carry on like normal, or like us, pay for private therapy. Our fundraising would seek to fund our campaign, a huge part of which is to secure funding for bereavement support.

Secondly, our call for Covid specific bereavement support is part of our wider campaign for a full scale public, independent, statutory, judge led inquiry into the governments handling of the covid-19 pandemic. We want to know why NHS staff, key workers, care home residents, hospital patients died in such huge numbers compared to the rest of Western Europe. Late lockdown, lack of wider quarantine of those returning to the U.K. from abroad, the discharge of 25,000 patients into care homes (75% of whom hadn’t been tested for Covid), lack of PPE in Hospitals meaning NHS workers and patients were exposed to and died from Covid-19, issues with NHS 111 services, the suspension of all non-covid treatments including cancer care, stroke care and mental health services are just some of the questions Bereaved Families need answers to. Our campaign wants to save lives, understand the mistakes so that this can never happen again. We aren’t political, we don’t want compensation, we want to save lives.

Our fundraiser is to raise money so our Group can issue for Judicial Review in the High Court. Our Solicitors are pro bono, meaning they are not charging to represent us, but if we lose, we will have to pay the Governments costs of around £300,000.00 

If the government agree to commit to the inquiry we are seeking, and also covid specific bereavement support for families of lost loved ones, all funds raised will go towards continuing our campaign and helping our bereaved members.

We lost our Dad. We lost our Nan. 

We are trying to understand why, so that you don’t lose yours. 

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