Hands International; Jungle Vaccination Clinic

Hands International; Jungle Vaccination Clinic

Welcome to the Jungle.... It gets harder everyday... Be a part of making a difference...

We did it!

On 28th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £1,630 of £1,000 target with 57 supporters in 35 days


Hi All,


I recently ventured to the Jungle in Calais which is "home" to near to 7,000 Men, Women and Children who are in desperate situations in search of not only a better life but somewhere safe where the worry of death for them and loved ones is reduced.


Upon my visit I'm not sure what I expected, its hard to know what somewhere will be like when it is so easy to listen to rumours about who is there and why. I found it to be a mish mash of emotions characters and stories to which I simply could not turn away without aiming to make some sort of a difference.


My first week here has been, a whirlwind and have been at the Jungle every morning with Hands International to help run the vaccination clinic where they are protecting the camp from influenza. The clinic is run by some special paramedics, doctors, builders who are giving their time freely. The break out of influenza in the Jungle would be catastrophic, as the living conditions are not best (to say the very least). People are cold and, immune systems are weak, therefore the flight of the flu would be far more difficult than you or I who could c all in sick for 3 or 4 days get under the duvet, watch Netflixs, medicate, and recoup.

I have volunteered time in the Jungle and thus far nearly 500 people have been vaccinated, with many more people to reach out to I want to ask my friends, family and anyone who would like to contribute to the protection of what I can only describe as inspirational people to donate to the cost of more vaccinations which will see the good work continue.


Any amount helps, my target is to raise £1000 to buy some more vaccinations for the camp helping to keep everyone safe through the winter months!


I'll send some updates through facebook and you can see all the work that your lovely donations allows the clinic to do.



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