Handful of Hemp

Help us fund a mass hemp seed purchase so we can supply it for free around the UK to grow as a wild flower.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

At our little hempire, we believe that hemp is not only a harmless plant, but also useful in countless ways. As a result, we want to introduce the hemp plant to the UK as a wild flower. To that end, we bring you our "Handful of Hemp" campaign. You pay P&P, we give you hemp seed....

We are a small partnership of like-minded individuals who got together to form thehemporium.biz. We all believe that the hemp plant, the seeds, fibres and oils it produces, and the countless products that can be made are vastly overlooked in modern society. We, as a partnership, want to promote the use of hemp in modern society because hemp can grow almost anywhere without pesticides and is completely sustainable! It also provides a great profit for the farmers. Our website provides information, recipes, history and products relating to hemp and hemp use. In time, we hope to establish a network of growers, product manufacturers and customer, as well as links with those already working to promote the positive use of hemp in our modern lives. *We are not attempting to promote the use, smoking or growing of cannabis and do not sell seeds or the paraphernalia that serve that purpose. Nor do we sell any stock or link to any products that can be used in connection with the above.

Throughout history, hemp has grown naturally all over the world as a wild flower. Due to the prohibition of cannabis, and the similar aesthetics of both plants, hemp quickly developed a bad name in spite of its many uses.

Even in today’s modern world, hemp could easily cater to our global requirement for wood, paper, plastics, textiles and more. Just to give you an idea, 1 acre of hemp provides more raw product than 4 acres of trees, cotton or almost any other industrial crop.

Our aim is to provide free hemp seed on a global scale for people to sow and distribute in and around their local area. Ultimately, we would like to see hemp grow as a wild flower all over the planet, and used to its full potential. The first step on this road is to get people used to the plant, and to reduce the taboo surrounding it.

We are crowdfunding to raise awareness and to develop a community around this campaign. Hemp seed is a highly priced commodity and is sometimes up to 4 times more expensive than other grain. We hope that by using crowdfunding, we can offset some of the cost of this already popular project.