Handcycling across Kenya for tetraplegics charity

by Dominic Coleman in London, England, United Kingdom

Handcycling across Kenya for tetraplegics charity
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On 10th August 2019 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporters in 28 days

Handcycling 400km across the Rift Valley in Kenya for Regain Sports Charity. This challenge can help improve lives of sports Tetraplegics.

by Dominic Coleman in London, England, United Kingdom

In October, we are attempting to ride with handbikes 400km through Kenys’s Rift Valley. It will be hot, rugged and dangerous navigating the equator across dusty inhospitible terrain. As a third world country, disability in Kenya traditionally has been something to hide and something to be ashamed of. I have only the use of parts of my arms, no hands and no triceps. If the locals see us and what we can do, their thoughts instead of disability will focus on ability, and hopefully a whole generation can change a nations attitude.

If you are reading this, you probably know what happened. 23 years ago, I did something I'd done hundreds of times before, ran and then dived into a lake. This time I hit something and my neck vertebrae at level c5 exploded leaving me paralysed from the shoulders down. Easily done, we are fragile beings. This could easily happen to you, or a friend or loved one. In a second your life is changed forever. Boring bit over!

Any donation will make a huge difference to others like myself who have suffered a devastating spinal cord injury. Your donation can improve the quality of life and independence and hopefully get them back into sport and get on with a 'normal' life.

Over the years Regain has helped buy for me very expensive equipment like a lightweight wheelchair and a fantastic handbike. There was no other affordable avenue to enable me to get this vital equipment and thankfully Regain was there. The equipment and support has changed my life, gaining me independence, mobility, and a better quality of life.

Regain supports people like me who have suffered a traumatic injury to rebuild their lives, providing essential equipment and support to gain independence and improve lives.

Your life can change in a minute, with a donation, a minute can change somebodies life.

Please give whatever you can. Thank you.

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