Hanchi Horseback Conservation

Hanchi Horseback Conservation

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Hi, My name is Lauren Gill, currently a second year student studying BSc Applied Animal Behavioural Science and Welfare. To pass my degree I must complete my dissertation, it is my dream to visit South Africa and gather my research there whilst volunteering with the Hanchi Horseback Conservation Project.

About Me:

I have always had a passion for animals, they have always played a big part in my life and given me so much, so i believe that its time for me to do something for them. Studying animal behaviour, welfare and conservation within my degree have opened my eyes to the thousands of oppurtunities possible during my career and lifetime. It is my aim to spend my summer volunteering in S.Africa for a charity that means a lot to me.


The Project:

The Hanchi Horseback Conservation Project is a new and innovative Mounted Anti-Poaching Unit in the stunning South African bush, it allows people to put their skills as a Horse Rider to a unique benefit, to help other species that are critically endangered, such as the Rhino. The project adopts one of the most ecologically friendly methods of tracking, monitoring and protecting species. 

"The reserve's Mounted Anti Poaching Unit is a great success. Since it's initiation in 2012, not one rhino has been lost to poaching. The ex-racehorses provide an undeniable presence to poachers, fearing the larger racehorses themselves, while the horses provide a holistic and quiet approach to anti poaching work and unique ability to traverse difficult terrain."

My Aims:

I intend to reseach and widen my knowledge on the vast methods of conservation, especially those which have the least impact on the environment. With the knowledge I gain whilst there I hope to help educate people and spread awareness when I return home. The research I collect for my dissertation will be based on the public's exisisting knowledge of endangered species, enabling me to analyse patterns I find, I will also collect similar research from the British public in order to compare patterns and find which topics have the least amount of awareness. 

Please help me to make my dream a reality, suporting me will not only aid me in completing my dissertation on a subject I care deeply about, the money you donate will go to supporting this amzing charity and help them continue their successfull and necessary work.

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