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We're creating a 1920's based short drama film focusing on a brother/sister relationship, and the brother's selfish desires.

by Thomas Powell in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

The Premise

Our vision is to create a 1920's short film about our protagonist Thomas Frank who's recent injury leaves him paralysed. Despite this, he is obsessed with returning to the circus where he was in the spotlight. His sister Elizabeth struggles to cope with Thomas' selfish demands and ends up deserting him. Thomas is left with the option of returning to the circus and being placed on display. Will he accept, or will he look to amend his actions?

About Us

Our team consists of soon to graduate university members. We're looking to continue making short films as we are all passionate individuals who want to one day work in the industry. We like to make short films on the side in order to continually improve our craft skills.

Meet The Team

Kyle Shaun Thomas - Writer and Director

Kyle is the writer and director of Hamartia. He has spent years developing his craft with writing several short films, expanding across countless genres including Arthouse, Horror and Comedy. After spending over 10 years studying drama and theatre, Kyle has taken on a directorial role as well, and uses all of his experience to bring characters to life and give them a purpose in his stories.

Thomas Powell - Producer

Thomas has been interested in the film industry since a young age. His recent work as a Location Assistant on ‘Sex Education’ for Netflix has shown his dedication to the industry and his craft. Since working for Netflix, his drive has increased exponentially. He now continually develops his skills, ranging from planning, organisation and communication to contribute to his role as an efficient producer.

Richard Copeland - Cinematographer

As of now, Richard has been a part of 7 filming projects as well as two personal ones, two being directing credits. Over three years of experience using state of the art, industry standard camera equipment and lighting rigs. He aims to build on his increased passion of working with cameras onto our ambitious storyline within Hamartia.

Rhys Dolloway - Head of Sound

Rhys has always had a mind towards bringing sound to the forefront of any film he works on. These include Cardiff international festival films such as ‘Sayang’ and ‘Faruq’. He tries to create new and exciting ways to express creativity through many different mediums including editing. this not also extends to production sound but also post production sound where he tries to audio visually create a soundscape that is tailor made to the project.

Brandon Abley - Gaffer

Through operating his two YouTube channels at a young age, Brandon found his love for film making. With this, he was driven to develop his skills, working alongside several successful companies from being the head of video production at 'Exposure Wrestling Entertainment' to working for the lighting department for the 'It's My Shout' short film "Sherlock Jones" which was directed by Claire Cage. It is through his work for It's My Shout that he found his love for the lighting department. Brandon aims to use lighting to help bring a visual flair to a project to boost the stunning colourisation that audiences see on the screen.

Stefan Tomaszewski - Editor

Stefan has experience in both production and post-production, having studied production and post-sound as well as offline editing. This combined, makes him a one-man post-production team. With these skills, he can weave together shots and sound to create a flowing narrative. His past experience includes the USW graduation film documentary called ‘One in 35’ where Stefan worked as location sound for them. Now he looks towards editing as his future and aims to bring each shot of Hamartia to life in the post-production process.


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