Ham Farm Festival

by Emily Correa in Emersons Green, England, United Kingdom


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4 day festival bringing all kinds of live music making, in a stunning, covid-safe outdoor space, to Mangotsfield & EmersonsGreen communities

by Emily Correa in Emersons Green, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The initial target is the minimum funding required to run the festival, keeping it as cheap and in-house as possible (in-house lighting and sound for most concerts)

If we get this extra stretch funding we can pay a professional lighting designer and sound engineer for all concerts in the festival, which will lead to slicker, better concert experiences for the audience, as well as being amazing for the community groups to perform with professional lighting and sound. 

We can also offer paid stewardships for local young people to gain work experience, rather than relying on volunteers.

Ham Farm Festival 2021 will be the first of an exciting yearly cross-genre music festival, all happening outdoors in a stunning half-acre private garden.

Daytimes will offer open rehearsals and educational workshops by top professional musicians for community musicians of any age and ability.

Early evening concerts will be by local community ensembles, and headline concerts at 7.30pm each night will feature stimulating professional groups, all selected for their creativity and collaborative approach to music making.

We'll be doing outreach work over the next few weeks, visiting local housing association residents and asking them what they'd like from their community music festival, and then incorporating their wishes into the plans: live music is often withheld from lower socio-economic groups, and we want to be sure we are providing a music festival for as many people as possible in the community. If Ham Farm Festival can provide someone's first ever live music experience, wouldn't that be FANTASTIC?!

This is a festival for everyone - concert-goers, amateur and professional musicians and young musicians. It will be a great chance to mix with other music lovers in a Covid-safe space, while enjoying the long summer evenings!

Check out all the events on offer here: www.hamfarmfestival.com

How will the money be used - are the events free?

There is a range of prices from free to £20, but ticket sales alone don't cover the costs of a festival like this. We are trying to balance keeping the costs low, so that everyone can take part and enjoy the festival, with paying all professional musicians, artists and technicians properly (it's the least they deserve after the year we've all had!). 

We don't want to compromise on quality, so will have a proper stage, lighting, and professional sound for all performances, to give everyone the best possible experience. The money raised will bridge the gap between ticket sale money and what it will actually cost to put on this festival. (Artist fees, stage and equipment, toilets, insurance, marketing, licensing, and support staff). 

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