Halto - Stop pain caused by halter neck swimwear.

A game-changing new product that fits any halter neck swimwear, stopping the pain and discomfort felt on the back of the neck, instantly!

We did it!

On 29th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £11,055 of £10,000 target with 220 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

This campaign is raising money for the first round manufacture, to get Halto in the UK for summer 2016. Any additional money raised via a stretch target will be put towards funding our e-commerce website and launching in Australia for Christmas 2016. 

The Halto is designed to alleviate the neck pain felt by millions of women when wearing halter neck swimwear.






If the idea of wearing halterneck swimwear fills you with dread, you NEED a Halto!

Why should women have to choose between stylish, flattering, tan-line avoiding halter neck bikinis and a limited choice of over the shoulder, frumpy swimwear? Pants to that! Every woman deserves to look and feel her best at all times, and Halto is the solution to make that happen. Women need never compromise again on their holiday wardrobe choices. Now you can wear a halter neck and not be plagued with bruising and redness on the back of the neck or those more concerning neckaches and headaches. This summer you can enjoy your holidays completely pain-free.  

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Did you know that the average cup size in the UK is now a DD, with each breast weighing around 3.5lbs? That is 7lbs of weight held on a tiny string fastened around the back of the neck. Its no wonder wearing halter neck bikinis can be so uncomfortable! Halto is the only solution available in the UK. Brace yourself ladies. With the option of a comfortbale halter neck, watch your wardrobe options open up! 


Halto fits discreetly onto the straps of any halter neck bikini and provides soft cushioning against the knot on the back of the neck. Our research showed that over 75% of swimwear in main highstreet retailers is halter neck in design, meaning women who find these garments uncomfortable have to choose between pain or frump. What a choice! 

We decided that enough is enough. So, this summer (with your help) we can guarantee there will be one less pain in the neck to worry about!

The Halto has been engineered to have a soft and squishy underside which provides ultimate cushioning against those cheesewire straps and unforgiving knot. This means no more red marks, indentation and blisters. The firmer core then distributes pressure evenly over a wider area, making the halter neck more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. So now you can wear your bikini into the evening in total comfort, too! Boom! 

It is waterproof and comes in a variety of colours, so will go with any of the swimwear you love.

We started this business after a honeymoon shopping trip, where we found the rarest of all things - a stunning halter neck bikini in the right size AND in the sale. The dilemma was whether to purchase said garment knowing full well the pain it would cause.  We thought a device must be out there that would alleviate this problem, however an exhaustive search revealed that nothing existed to solve the problem outside the USA.

We also found that UK forums were packed with women suffering with the same affliction. So, to enable the new bikini to be worn comfortably we made a prototype Halto from an old shoe and a neoprene sock. It may not have looked the bees knees (bit of an understatement!), but it was certainly effective. Eureka! Suddenly halternecks were able to be worn not only for the day, but long into the night, with no headaches or bruising. It was then we became business partners and started working on more refined solution to this problem.

Since then, our national research has shown almost 50% of all women suffer with the same problem when wearing halter neck swimwear. That's bonkers!

Over the next couple of years the business developed, as did our families. Meetings were taken with breastfeeding babies and teasy toddlers. Here they are ... cutie-pies :-) 


Thanks to some wonderful support (excuse the pun!) the product was expertly designed and tested, and is now ready to be manufactured and delivered to your door. You are a matter of weeks away from owning your own Halto! 

Your amazing pledges will pay for the first round of manufacture, and enable us to get Halto on sale in time for Summer 2016. The tooling will take up almost half of our budget, with the rest being spent on materials and packaging. Anything we raise over and above our target will be spent on setting up our website where we can sell Halto directly, as well as help us to launch Halto in Australia by Christmas 2016. (No pressure Aussie contingent, but we need to nail this target to get some Haltos over to you. International pledges accepted ... just sayin'!)

Want to see Halto in retailers up and down the country? Well, by pledging, not only are you one of the original supporters of the brand who helped to 'make Halto happen', but you are sending a very clear message to buyers. We want to be able to say we raised over £10,000 in 28 days. YOU can help us do that. You rock! 


So, if you find halter necks uncomfortable, pledge NOW!

If you want to be one of the first Halto hotties, pledge NOW!  

If you want to see Halto on sale in 2016, pledge NOW!

From two mums who need your help, please help us to make Halto happen.


Need more info? Here are some frequently asked questions you may find helpful:

What is the problem?

Bruising, rubbing, broken skin and blistering behind the neck where the straps of the halter neck bikini support 85% of the weight of the boobs. When the average UK bra size is a 34 DD, that equates to over 5lbs of weight supported on a string around the neck. Ouch? You betcha.


Is it a niche market?

Our nationwide research has indicated that over 50% of women, regardless of age or bra size would buy a product that makes halter neck swimwear more comfortable around the neck. A further quarter of women would be consider buying it. That is a staggering 75% of women that could be looking for a solution that doesn't exist in the UK! 


Why not just avoid halter neck swimwear if it hurts?

For the same reason we wear 6 inch strappy heels - beacause they are amazing! They make your cleavage look incredible (halter necks that is, not the strappy heels), reduce tan lines and look better with summer dresses. Not to mention that between 75% and 85% of swimwear on the highstreet are halterneck in design. Wearing a Halto means we can all wear the swimwear we love and feel amazing.

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