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Road deaths are devastating the West Midlands. You can help us reduce road traffic collisions involving young people and save lives.

by The Future Melting Pot in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Road deaths are devastating the West Midlands. You can help us reduce road traffic collisions involving young people and save lives.

Road traffic collisions account for some truly heart-breaking statistics. They are the biggest killer of 16-24 year olds across the globe, and the third biggest killer in the UK. The Future Melting Pot is launching the #HaltHeartache campaign to prevent the destructive effects of road traffic collisions in our communities, but we need your help…


The #HaltHeartache campaign

#HaltHeartache originates from our own solid research, which revealed a connection between road traffic collisions, socially deprived black Asian and minority groups (BAME) communities and young people.

Through community listening events, interviews, focus groups and surveys, we carried out extensive research into road traffic collisions in Washwood Heath, Sheldon, and Eldon in the West Midlands. Our findings shaped a discussion informing the first UK multi-agency conference on the well-being of young people and the link with road traffic collisions, leading to the next phase of our campaign.

We are moving to the prevention stage. For the first time, we are uniting people from all walks of life from across the West Midlands to take action. These include the emergency services, the local authority, local businesses, local schools, faith groups, and now you, to help shape crucial preventative measures that will reduce road traffic collisions.

Your donation will empower us to build programmes that will protect our region’s young people, saving lives and preventing heartache. We have big ambitions for this project, with the hope that it will also inform national policy and save lives in communities across the country.

So yes, we’ve got our work cut out for us, but we’ve got a pretty clear picture of how we’re going to achieve all this…


The Prevention Stage

With your donation, #HaltHeartache will have a lasting impact in preventing road traffic collisions and saving lives by:

  • Bringing together communities to kick-start real solutions that local people want to see and support.
  • Involving young people in developing campaigns aimed at educating their peers about the dangers of reckless driving, empowering them to develop their employability
  • Designing programmes to reduce road casualties through the use of technology and innovation
  • Working in partnership with local schools to influence young people’s mind sets, recognising that education must start at an early age to have long-lasting impact.
  • Inspiring people and organisations across the UK to carry out similar research to reduce road deaths in their communities and influence policy at a national level.

There are simply too many news reports of road traffic collisions. Action is needed now.

With your support, we can achieve a critical outcome of saving lives on our roads.


The Future Melting Pot


We are a Community Interest Company based in the heart of Birmingham that improves the employability, safety and wellbeing of young people, empowering them to realise their potential. Through running projects for the past 8 years, we have a proven track record of changing the lives of hundreds of young people.

Whilst running an employability project in East Birmingham, we noted a disproportionally high number of road incidents in this locality, particularly amongst the young generation. We then set out to explore the relationship between youth unemployment and road traffic collisions through evidence-based research, leading to the development of #HaltHeartache.

After much hard work, we have now officially launched the #HaltHeartache campaign to prevent further deaths on our roads and to educate communities on how they can #HaltHeartache for generations to come.

Hasni’s Story

The deaths of young people in road traffic collisions are particularly tragic – no family should have to lose a son, daughter, sister or friend in this way.

But tragically, many families do. One such family was the Ali family in Birmingham, who continue to suffer from the devastating loss of 16-year-old Hasni in a car crash in Moseley. Hasni was tragically killed alongside three other teenagers, the youngest being just 15.

#HaltHeartache is working alongside families deeply affected by road traffic collisions to prevent such tragedies from occurring.

Everybody needs to remember that this is somebody’s child, somebody’s mother, somebody’s father


How your donation will help

We aim to raise £10,000 and this will cover the costs of designing preventative programmes to influence young people’s mindsets through the use of innovative technology. It will also cover the facilitator costs, volunteer expenses, administration, resources and materials.

Sustainability will be achieved through a growing partnership with the West Midlands Fire Service and the support of our other partner organisations. This will allow the campaign to not only produce our own preventative programme but to develop ones which already exist to be more effective in reducing road traffic collisions among at risk groups.

Every victim has a family distraught by the effects of their loss. Save a life and a lifetime of grief by donating through our crowdfunding page today and help us #HaltHeartache.


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