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The global COVID-19 pandemic has made me out of work and financially struggling to support myself and my family here and in Africa

by Haliman UK Stores in London, England, United Kingdom

Before anyone sighs under their breath and say another one, please hear me out and then you can decide if am worthy of your help.

2020 saw me surprise my mum to go from Ghana to Nigeria to see my elder sister and her all but one she had never met in 18 years since she left for Ghana after my Dad passed in 2002, move forward 3 days after she arrived I landed in Nigeria at about 5:30 with BA to start the festive seasons with my mum, my sister, her husband and my nieces and nephew, enjoyed my holiday fast forward January 5th, how would I know that will be the last hug I will ever receive from my MUM (That's my late Mum in the Profile Pic).

I should have held on for a bit longer if not wanting to lose my flight, fast forward February 4th 2020, my Mum was gone fast forward a few weeks comes in the news of the now known COVID-19, March a national Lockdown in this midst of these I lost my job.

I became depressed, was diagnosed with Anxiety for the first time in my life as well as being told by heart consultants in St Thomas, I might be going in for a transplant.

Now I have applied for a whole series of Job, some with favourable initial replies and the gentle let down of not moving forward. I then sat in my room today 5th of January looking at what business I could get into, I have now decided to buy wholesale and resell, both here in the UK via Facebook and to one of the biggest market in Africa, however with this in mind I will start with Ghana and Nigeria.

I am hoping are out there who are philanthropic but also once this venture gets bigger get's their money back with Interest or talk about gains from the Business.

I am genuine, but looking at the situations with Job, I would rather go into a business venture which I know works as I have lived in both countries, so I am appealing to anyone, everyone to please help I will be forever grateful.


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