Halfway Hut Horseboxes (HHH)

by Stephen Salter in West Malling, England, United Kingdom

Halfway Hut Horseboxes (HHH)
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Halfway Hut Horseboxes is a golf and leisure specific catering business, using converted horseboxes to sell food and drink to consumers.

by Stephen Salter in West Malling, England, United Kingdom

Company Owner Background

My name is Steve Salter, a PGA (Professional Golfers Association) member for 20+ years. Having worked both in the UK and US at some of the leading golf venues I have identified a unique business opportunity within this sector.

Company Idea

HHH - Halfway Hut Horseboxes provides clubs and leisure facilities the ability to offer its members, guests and public with hassle free hospitality services via a mobile unit.


Many clubs in the UK already provide this service to their customers by a purpose built facility known as a 'Halfway Hut' but there are thousands more who wish to provide something similar but infrastructure and costs are prohibitive. We plan to offer this service to clubs without any cost to them. We do this using mobile converted horse boxes that can be strategically positioned on the golf course or property, selling hot and cold drinks and snacks.

Win Win

The best part of this proposition is the club get to provide their customers with a service they would like and HHH utilise the constant flow of members, guests and public passing the horse box on their golf course or sports facility to sell to. Its win win!

Required Funding and ROI

HHH is looking for funding to purchase the first 5 horse boxes (circa £10k each) that can be positioned at clubs or sports facilities around the UK. Once installed, we anticipate each horse box's net profit to be £8-15k per annum depending on the size of the club in which it is installed. Meaning, initial return on investments are anywhere from 6 to 15 months.

Growth and Vision

Our vision is to become the leading golf and leisure club mobile hospitality provider in the UK. Once established, we plan to branch into other sectors including event management, festivals and sporting events where our horse boxes can be used to sell alcoholic beverages and 'street food'.

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