eCommerce Sports Website - UK, Europe and America

eCommerce Sports Website - UK, Europe and America

We are building a website to sell lottery tickets sold by clubs all over the world. This will provide a modern system for a popular game.

We did it!

On 9th Feb 2017 we successfully raised £13 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Half Time Winner Limited, will launch as an ecommerce business which will become a household name in the sports industry. We will sell lottery tickets sold by tens of thousands of sports clubs all over the world. Most clubs run a match day lottery and many also run a regular weekly lottery.

In fact, nearly every competitive sports club you can think of runs a sports lottery. Their potential sales however is limited due to an outdated system adopting human sellers. Recently some clubs have utilised the use of technology but this being to complement their human sellers, which has proved to increase their outgoings and reduce their profits.

Ultimately the point of running a lottery for many sports clubs is to raise funds for important projects. By selling their tickets on, clubs can reduce the commission they pay, offer greater incentives, keep their customers updated and reach a much wider audience.

At the moment if you want a Manchester United lottery ticket you may be able to get it online, but you have to go to their website and search for it.

If you want the same product, from a lets say, a less prestigious club, well the only way to get it is to go to the club physically and buy it, and it is these clubs that will really benefit from Half Time Winner Limited's services.

A club with an average attendance of 10,000 for their home events sells around 3,000 tickets each week at a typical value of one GBP.

So 10 clubs of that size sell 30,000 tickets per week between them and so on. By acting as a market place for clubs to sell their products to a much wider audience than they might otherwise be able to, we will take a commission for each sale, as their physical sellers do.

Additionally, all pro sports clubs have sponsors and we also want to take advantage of this. Each club will essentially have its own store (dedicated pages) to sell their tickets. We can sell advertisement on those pages, and associated businesses can offer customers bonuses when they spend 'X' amount on their club lottery.

Just think about the number of professional sports clubs in the UK alone and do the maths. We are taking this to America and Europe where we believe this will be a huge success.

Putting these products in one single market place to increase each clubs sales and make it easier for the consumer to buy is the main reason why Half Time Winner Limited will be such a huge success.


A key reason why clubs will benefit from is that they can sell match day lottery tickets in advance and therefore adjust their prize and inform their customer base.

Additionally, it does something most clubs still have not done, which is put their Matchday lottery and Midweek lottery together in one place.

You might ask what if they just put it on their website?

Well if the clubs did put these products together and sold them on their website, only people from Leicester are going to buy Leicester lottery. 

Put simply, a single club only has their fan base to sell their tickets to, and smaller they are the harder this is.

However put it on a site recognisable for selling sports lottery, and sports fans, lottery fans and anybody that likes a flutter will know is the place to go.

And each time a sale is made, we take a nice commission which will soon add up in addition to the advertising space we can offer.

We have all heard of that now very famous online takeaway, where you can see all the takeaways in your area and order at the click of a button. This is rather similar to our service, but in a totally different market and dare I say much more valuable market.

So what do I have so far?

A Limited Company registered with companies house.

A key domain name, which will be recognisable amongst all sports fans once we're established. It's easy to remember and very relevant. I also own 5 other related domains so no issues there (.net,, etc)

A registered trademark giving us an identity which will soon become a brand.

Interest from top clubs wanting to sell their products on the website from mid 2017.

Knowledge of the industry. I worked in this field for 9 years on the front line and I have a great understanding of it.

Me - I am determined and focused, have contacts in this industry, have done my research and I know this can work. The potential is massive. I'm talking world-wide domination! Well eventually. I am also in the process of putting together a team to work on all aspects of the business and be ready to plug the website absolutely everywhere we possibly can.

Why I need your help?

Start-up costs are minimum and I can and will get this project off the ground, but growing the business will take finance that I haven't got and will not come quickly. Sure we can stroll along with 4/5 clubs on the site, but to offer this incredible service to more clubs I would need to outsource the development, maintenance and running of the website - to ensure clubs and customers get the best possible service.

By year 3, if we have 50 clubs on board, I estimate Half Time Winner Limited to have an annual income of £188,000 in year 3. This is an estimate based on sales predictions of tickets alone; there is potential for this figure to grow exponentially with additional income from advertising and sponsorship.

check us out at and @halftimewinner on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

If you would like to learn more, please email me at or follow me on Twitter @MrJWalmsley

Please share and help us get the word out, and of course pledge today. I cannot thank you enough for taking time to read this and I hope with your help, we can turn this into an international business within the sports industry.

All contributions are appreciated.

Thank you,

Jamie Walmsley

Founder of Half Time Winner Limited

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