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JoyJ provides essential support to local homeless populations through direct outreach programs. Bags provide basic items and trust...

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On 24th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £670 of £400 target with 18 supporters in 14 days

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The funding above my target will also go towards funding my outreach.

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JoyJ provides essential support to local homeless populations through direct outreach programs. These unique programs provide volunteers with opportunities to engage in “spontaneous philanthropy”. This differentiating aspect of our organization creates a powerful effect on both volunteers and those on the receiving end. The distribution of “comfort bags” provides not only basic items that can be used in everyday life but equally powerful intangibles, such as a mutual feeling of trust and respect.

I had a really great experience with JoyJ myself. My family donated and then we went out on the street and handed the bags out. We met up with a small group of 20 people and picked up 4 bags each. We arrived in a much rougher part of town and we immediately noticed how needy people were there. I noticed an older man who was walking with a limp and immediately walked over to him. I introduced myself to him and told him what we were doing. He got very excited and teared up when I handed him a bag and told him that he could get himself a meal tonight. Another man appeared to my right once I finally walked away from this ecstatic man. Another person in the group walked up to him and told him everything that was going on. The younger man immediately sat down and put on the socks that were in the bag. It was a very important moment to me. People always take for granted the little things but you never know how much that small little thing may be appreciated or desperately needed by someone else. This experience really opens your eyes to your community and it makes you appreciate the small things. The idea of helping does not just benefit the homeless party, but it helps you feel good.


100% of proceeds go towards funding the bags. To sponsor a bag for a homeless person, It costs ‎£20.00 normally, but depending on the funds recieved the money per bag may fluctuate. If you wish to put a personal note with your donation they will be put into your sponsored bag.


Examples of the contents of each bag:

JoyJ Green Bags

Rain ponchos


Hand sanitizer wipes

Pocket tissue packs



Fruit Snacks

Juice Boxes

Applesauce/plastic spoons

Cookies (or similar snack packs)

Information packets – these would provide local info on where to get help.

A ‎£5 to ‎£10 gift card (depending on budget/cash available) to a food venue with multiple locations (i.e. McDonald’s, Chipotle, etc.)


We are going out onto the streets Friday the 26th of February with the bags. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in giving part of the project. Your donation is greatly appreciate throughout the community.


JoyJ.org is the website for the charity if you would like to learn more.

If you have questions, then please email crobbins18@halcyonschool.com

Thank You,

Claire Robbins

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