Hairdressing course

by Kerry millard in Bristol, Bristol, England

Hairdressing course

I’m highly interested in going back to college to become a self employed hairdresser but I’m struggling with the funds to pay for it. Help?

by Kerry millard in Bristol, Bristol, England

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Hair is my passion and I really want to go back to college to learn about it. I haven’t really ever known what my passion was until I started doing my sisters hair a while back, and I was fascinated!. I’d love u make it a career line for myself and become self employed hairdresser. I believe I can give people a new look and style in life just from jazzing up there hair or making them look a million dollars on there wedding day, even making parents the happiest people on earth by making there little prince or princess look astounding on there prom night!. I want to grow my own business and teach other people with the same fire and passion I have for hair!. 

I just can’t afford to do the course.

I would really appreciate it you could spare even a few pounds to help me start the rest of my life!. 

Thank you ????

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