Haircut of Horrors

Haircut of Horrors
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am raising money for a charitable cause that is very important to me so please donate and help me reach my target

Started on 28th April 2020 Durdar, England, United Kingdom

Sunday 26th April saw the #twopointchallenge, a virtual nationwide campaign created by the organisers of the UK’s biggest mass participation events, to attempt to help charities survive the coronavirus crisis. 

Fletcher’s Fund is a small local charity with a big heart and an even bigger personality. Founded in memory of my son, Fletcher, the charity was born in 2017 shortly after Fletcher died of cancer just before his second birthday.

The charity’s mission is to help 10,000 children with cancer to make memories, play and have fun, and to give Fletcher a legacy. It is our hope that we can give to other families a little bit of the joy that Fletcher gave to us.

2020 was set to be a big year for Fletcher’s Fund. We got the keys for a brand new office space at the beginning of March, shortly before lockdown, and we had lots of exciting and fresh events planned throughout the summer and into 2021. 

Whilst this pandemic is hitting all charities hard, it is small charities in particular that are suffering the most, and we are conservatively estimating a shortfall of £10,000 lost revenue from the summers lost events. 

But never ones to be downtrodden or pessimistic, we set about on a mission to keep the charity afloat, and to ensure that once the world is back to some form of normal, that the charity is in a place to restart and grow once more. 

I pledged that if their supporters carried out their own two point six challenges, and collectively raised £1000 then I would let Lee shave her hair live on Facebook. Their supporters set about on their fundraising attempts and very quickly reached target. It didn’t stop there though, I had further pledged that if £2000 was raised, then I would let Lee CUT her hair however he wanted, again on Facebook live.

The ‘haircut of horrors’ was to take place on Sunday 26 April at 5pm, and by Sunday morning the target had been met and surpassed. And so, true to our word, I let Lee cut her hair to a Facebook Live watched by upwards of 60 people. The donations kept coming in, and has it edged further towards £3000, I then pledged to cycle a marathon AND to dye the remaining hair whilst also having the shaved areas wet shaved. 

Oh, and the best bits? I have to keep her haircut of horrors for 26 days AND I'm not permitted to wear a hat or headcovering whilst out and about, other than a bike helmet when practicing for her cycle marathon. 

The hair dye will take place once the products have arrived, with updates for when this will happen on facebook. The cycle marathon will take place on day 27, Saturday 23rd May, with the inevitable head shave as the grand finale to my mega 2.6 challenge. 

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