Hair Healer. Product for damaged hair and scalp.

by Natalie Binnie in Enfield, England, United Kingdom

Hair Healer. Product for damaged hair and scalp.
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promote healing and healthy recovery to damaged hair and scalp, from chemicals in perming, colour or illnesses.

by Natalie Binnie in Enfield, England, United Kingdom

  • Hello. My name is Natalie. I have two beautiful boys aged 6 and 19, and we live in Enfield. I can make and sew clothes and I have recently attending Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities group within our community and I’m active at my local gym. I am a warm hearted person who wants to change or make a difference in other peoples lives. I have worked in many job roles from customer services, cash office, housing, civil enforcement, sales associate, the list goes on and on.  But I had never felt unfilled like there’s a massive void within me.
  • That’s why I have decided to venture into running my own business. I’ve been unemployed since July 2018. I feel that the termination of my contact was a wake-up call for me to do something with purpose and invest my time in my own business instead of busting my butt for companies that do not care that you exist.
  •  I have been growing my hair naturally, that is free from toxic damaging products for 10 years plus. I thought that by going natural, I could go on and create products with natural ingredients to nourish the hair and scalp. Most products on the supermarket shelf are full of chemicals, which are still damaging and dangerous. I decided to make my own hair oils. I had experimented with a lot of natural organic oils and herbs. The oils are all vegan organic and natural. With added essential oils to penetrate into the hair and scalp for healing. This is one I have stuck with for a long time. I’ve made many for friends and families over the years until a friend suggested to sell my brand as its one of the talents that I’m wasting, especially as I wanted to try something new and work for my self.

  • •    So here goes. For me to start a business or a brand it requires funding. So I ask you to give me a chance, an opportunity to make this happen. Before I put my product out into the world I need to get my oils lab tested and licenced first. Then I can buy supplies like labels, more ingredients and packaging.

  • •    I am very passionate about my brand, as not only does it nourish the hair frolics and scalp, it promotes healthy hair growth, amazing shine and brings the body to dull, lifeless hair.

  • •    The product is excellent for all hair types, not just Afro hair. Its great on Asian and European hair.  Women from these backgrounds have purchased and used my products and have noticed a major improvement with dry scalp and limp hair such as when recovering from a medical illness which had affected their liver and iron levels in their body.

  • •    That is why I believe that this hair oil is a great product to bring healing to hair, mind and body.

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