HAIKEN Watches

To produce British designed watches of the highest quality that can withstand the harshest climates on land, air or sea.

We did it!

On 14th Aug 2013 we successfully raised £1,500 of £1,500 target with 3 supporters in 35 days

What makes a Breitling better than a Citizen? Or a Tag Heur outsmart a SEIKO? Have you ever bought a watch with hardened mineral glass and been disappointed when it got scratched? Our passion was born from a desire to replicate the quality of watches from the past and from the high luxury end where sapphire crystal is the norm however, we aim to provide value for money and not 'jewellery  value'. To this end all HAIKEN watches are made with the finest medical grade stainless steel and sapphire crystal as standard, not as additional extras. Our watches are corrosion resistant (including acid, chlorine and salt water), heat resistant, altitude resistant (yes we are the first to do this), and water resistant to at least 100m as standard and will contain bullet proof (shock proof) Japanese movements. But you will find no diamonds hiking up the price here. The HAIKEN range, despite all of the high quality components are priced to be affordable as well as to last a lifetime.

HAIKEN currently has three wristwatches in development which, upon release will be the first watches that carry an altitude rating specifically for aviators and mountaineers. We also have designs ready for another six models A available for view on our website.

We have already built up a Twitter following in excess of 1000 in just 3 weeks based on the interest in a new British brand with focus on vintage military style watches at high quality and prices that are affordable. Our range will be priced from £175 to £495 and will feature Aviator, Landranger, and Marine watches through an Air, Land and Sea range.

With the help of a University engineering faculty we are also developing three models to withstand extremes of climate such as the pressures experienced at 3000m below sea level, negative pressure experienced in a vacuum such as deep space, and the extreme low temperatures experienced in the Arctic and Antarctic as well as high altitudes.

We have access to University facilities on an unlimited basis and will be drawing on expertise from academic and research teams including microengineering, marketing, design, lab facilities for testing and free use of business premises. Our overheads are therefore very low whilst the level of expertise and support we have access to is very high. Because of this we can provhigh watches specified and built to a very high standarAT&T a relatively low cost, and can pass this low cost along to our customer base.

We are seeking funding to launch the first three aviator models Through pre-sales of 20 watches. Income generated from the sale of these will then fuel larger scale production and feed our R&D of the extreme planet range.

the two models available for pre-order will are Hurricane (RRP £175)  x 10 and Spitfire (RRP £245) x 10.

Pricing has been agreed with all suppliers. All costs include insurance and transport. 

Full description of models ready for order including pictures available by contacting us on our twitter account: @HaikenWatches or by emailing bhw@haiken.co.uk

Any questions can be put to Barry Hodges-White directly on bhw@haiken.co.uk and we would be happy to more detail on request.

We are passionate about bringing innovation to the watch industry and about making that innovation British. Above all we want to bring indestructible watches to the market at reasonable prices affordable by all.

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