Habu view

Habu view

The aim of the project is to provide alternative environmentally friendly accommodation using natural eco friendly energy and materials

We did it!

On 19th May 2017 we successfully raised £25 with 1 supporter in 56 days

My dream and passion is to create an eco glamping site  that provides alternative accommodation for those seeking adventure, something different and to be in tune with nature but also not wanting to "rough it out" like one would with traditional camping. The project will be based on the West Bank of Luxor, Egypt with Egypt attracting 6 million tourists in 2016 and with Luxor playing an important role in the the attraction with visitors from all over the world more notably British, Germans and Chinesse. The land where the site will be located is central to all key ancient touristic attractions having to pass the infamous Colossi of Memnon to get to the location

and directly facing the beautiful mountain and medinet Habu temple which is literally a stones throw away and is one of the main attractions and most preserved temple that's brings people from all over the world to Luxor and this key location. This opportunity will also create 2 jobs in the local community. I'm hoping to raise £4,000 which will be used to buy and furnish the tents and build amenities for food preperation aswell as a toilet and shower cubicle. This will also provide 2 job opportunities for locals aswell as putting back into the community as 10% of any profit earned  each month will be donated to various local charities each month. The tents will be rented out on a pay per night basis for tourists and locals wishing to stay.  We will be using various well known websites like Air b n b, booking.com etc to list the accomidation and take bookings. 

The plot of land:

What is glamping? 

  • Glamping is a new form of camping that has taken the world by storm! With sites all over the world catering  to those who like to camp and experience nature or those who would never consider camping by providing a wood or canvas shelter which would be canvas in our case and equipping it with the luxuries and comfort of modern day essentials and amenities without foregoing any day to day necessities. People are then emerged and in direct contact with nature as glamping sites are usually in quite remote areas giving a sense of escapism and adventure but also still being able to sleep on a comfy bed and charge ones phone albeit being sheltered by a thin sheet of material and still being able to do the traditional things associated with camping like camp fires etc.
  • Glamping is big business all around the world and is becoming more and more popular with people of all age groups and backgrounds. With just over 300 sites in the UK alone providing luxury camping accommodation charging anything from 40GBP to 250GBP per night. There's also sites in Asia, North and South America, Europe and the continent of Africa all proving to be popular and in high demand.  Nothing like this been done before in Luxor, Egypt so this will be a one of a kind unique business and adventure! So there's the USP.

My objective with the help of funding is to set up a glamping site with use of 700sqm of land that will be leased from the owner.  The land has use of water and electric and will be landscaped to house four 5 meter bell tents with each tent being  5 meters in diameter and 2 meters in height providing enough head room and space to easily accomidate 6-8 adults or a family.  Each tent will use solar power to generate electrical energy to power lights and electricals making use of the all year round sunny climate to power the solar energy. Wifi will also be provided.

The interior of the tents will consist of  four small mesh Windows that can be opened and closed allowing more light and air into the tents aswell as a large double layered door, one comprising of mesh letting air in and preventing mosquitos getting inside this can also be covered by the second canvas material allowing privacy. The flooring inside the tents will be treated plywood with locally hand made rugs to compliment the materials and add decoration.

The tents will be furnished with a mixture of up-cycled furniture and locally hand made furniture and will have a contemporary theme with an Arabian and African flare. 

Here are some examples of the tents we wish to purchase with your help

Mesh interior windows:
Zippable opening

5 meter interior example:

There will also be a small open air communal kitchen as well as a separate toilet and shower cubicle and also a pit fire/barbecue area. We will make use of a mix of raw and natural materials compromising of wood and heat reflective corrugated metal to construct the kitchen and toilet/shower area aswell as soft touch pebbles or ceramic as flooring in both areas. We will use electric in these areas to power the the lights, water heater and some electrical kitchen appliances although guests will have the choice to use the pit fire. 

Here are examples of what we want to achieve with the kitchen and toilet area:


 Breakfast will be provided aswell as facilities for guests to prepare their own meals or alternatively they can eat at the numerous local restaurants and coffe shops in the village.

Rates and services:

The nightly rate to stay at Habu view will be 20GBP,  this will include accommodation in one of the beautiful bell tents, breakfast ,use of all facilities including wifi and Transfers from Luxor train or bus station to the site.

This business will be registered in the UK with HMRC as a sole trader.

Who am i and why?

I'm a 32 year old mother of three and I have had this passion for a long time to set up a Glamping site. Due to the cost of buying and  or leasing land which can run into the tenths of thousands and the usage of land being strict here in the UK it has been somewhat difficult trying to achieve my dream. I Have always lived in the city and with the noise and fast pace of life, it's always good to escape to the country or out the country all together so after visiting Egypt and Luxor i  thought of this brilliant idea and seen the potential to set up the glamping site there in the most historical country in the world! With land being a lot cheaper to buy and rent and the cost of living and expenses cheaper and the fact there's nothing quite like this in Luxor I seen a huge gap and potential in the market  that is well within my reach.  I have saved up enough money to pay for the lease of the land for 14 months and with your help and donations we will be able to buy and do all the things needed to make this business a success.

Thank you for your time reading my project.

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