GW Theatre: CEASE Project

Help protect children aged 6-11 from child sexual abuse with fantastic and exiting animated films!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Pledge to Help Protect Young Children from Child Sexual Abuse by Defeating SHAPESHIFTERS!

Your pledges can help us to produce a new weapon in the fight to protect young children from child sexual abuse: a gripping and exciting animated fairy tale called MISTER SHAPESHIFTER!

Why Is It Needed?

Work with very young children, as well as parents, carers and the wider community, is urgently required as children under 11 and younger are increasingly being targeted by abusers. In 2016 alone 45,411 sexual crimes against children were recorded and 19,690 of those involved children under 16 - enough children to fill over 40 primary schools. Just one child being sexually abused is too much - something has to be done to help children recognise risk and danger in real life and online.

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Mister Shapeshifter is a super villain. He can change his appearance at will. He has one aim in life: to lure children to his 'Super Magic Storyworld Studio Workshop' and steal the life out of them so he can live forever. When he lures 11 year old Jess there, only 11 year old Jack can save her. But Jack is one of Mister Shapeshifter's previous victims, and as a result is bullied lonely and angry. To save Jess, Jack has to first save himself and then bring the shapeshifter to Justice.

This powerful, funny and scary animation will serve as an extended metaphor for child sexual abuse, smashing through cultural and social barriers and anxieties to raise awareness of the way some adults abuse childrens' trust and how children can protect themselves. The children in the story unite to defeat MISTER SHAPESHIFTER by ridding him of his controlling powers, and the crucial learning and messages built into the animation will be used to educate and empower young children to recognise risk and danger and to defeat real life shapeshifters.

Here's a taster for the animation...

Who Is Making The Animation?

The creative team behind this project - Fusion Award winning GW Theatre Company, Sony Award winning writer Mike Harris and BAFTA Award winning Fettle Animation - have a long track record of producing brilliant creative work which engages heads and hearts and then changes minds. This animation will be used in schools as well as with children who are vulnerable at risk. It will be used to raise awareness with adults too and will be available online. It will be a major national resource.

Help Us to Use Creativity to Expose and Defeat Real Life Shapeshifters and Abusers and to Protect all Children and Their Precious Childhoods


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