The Wisdom of Guru Mazak - Calendar 2017

The Wisdom of Guru Mazak -  Calendar 2017

Guru Mazak has traversed the astral plains to some of the most heavenly places on and off Earth to bring you this inspiring calendar...

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Guru Mazak was born Darren Inchpractice in 1980. In 2012, Darren happened upon a book by Deepak Chopra and his life was transformed.  As Guru Mazak, he is now considered one of the world's leaders in new-age quantum coaching.

Literally quite a few people take joy, solace and motivation from the wisdom of Guru Mazak, and to find the inspiration for his 2017 calendar he has traversed the astral plains to some of the most heavenly places on (and off) planet Earth.  Some people question his sincerity, but whether you find profound meaning or simple entertainment in the Guru's messages, his work is done, and you are truly enriched.  

Each page on this beautiful wall calendar features Guru Mazak on one of his astral journeys, alongside an invaluable nugget of his divine wisdom. A selction  of the 12 pages can be viewed below.

By ordering a calendar, not only will you benefit from the Guru's monthly wisdom, you'll also be helping the Guru to continue his good work by enabling him to buy a stock of calendars to sell at Psychic Fairs, New Age Festivals and other similarly quantum-tuned events.

Postcards are also available as detailed below, as well as the calendar, which is A3 size when open. You can view some sample pages below.  Thank you for your support. The Guru blesses you.

Pledge Levels

£6 will buy you a set of 5 beautiful colourful postcards, each with a nugget of wisdom from the Guru.  You can either use them as postcards to inspire your friends and family or simply frame them and find daily joy in their wisdom. 

The images and quotes used for the postcards are different to those used on the calendar, so if you are a true Guru Mazak disciple who needs to read all of his wisdom, you'll need to go for the £15 pledge level.

The middle pledge level,  £12, will buy you one of the Guru's stunning wall calendars. A3 size when open, and each month containing not only a beautiful image from the Guru's astral journeys, but also a divinely inspired droplet of Guru Mazak wisdom. The cost includes shipping to the UK only. 

There's also a bulk purchase option where you can get 10 calendars for a fiver each - ideal if you want to sell or gift the Guru's wisdom.

All supporters will also receive a personalised letter of thanks from the Guru, with a specially tailored quantum reading guaranteed to bring you infinite oneness.