Chicken Shed Zepplin Guitars Stolen on Birthday

by Emma Braund in 

Chicken Shed Zepplin Guitars Stolen on Birthday
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To raise enough money to replace Dave's two guitars that were stolen from his house on his birthday!

by Emma Braund in

So on the night of his birthday, Dave Nilsen was doing what he loves best, playing music with his friends and band members, Chicken Shed Zepplin and The Shining Wits, when someone took the opportunity to sneak into his house to take two of his guitars. One a Cigar Box guitar and the other a Spanish make that isn't produced anymore. I feel that as a friend and lover of Dave's music I should do my best to rally round and try to recupe some money to go towards replacing Dave's guitars. Dave is a big believer in Karma so I'm sure he's not too bitter about the loss of the guitars, but it certainly did mar his birthday :(  and I'm sure the person that took them, absolutely needed the money...right? Anyway, if you appreciate Dave's music, as I do, I am asking for a few quid to help me to help Dave to replace his beloved guitars. Many thanks, you beautiful people.

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