Children's after school Project in Guinea Conakry

by Martaba in Conakry, Conakry, Guinea

Children's after school Project in Guinea Conakry
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To buy land in Guinea Conakry and make a space for alternative after school for children, based on art, music & gardening.

by Martaba in Conakry, Conakry, Guinea

I've been living in Senegal for 12 years, I was married and have now two daughters. I started do artistic after school with children. There hardly any activities for children in West Africa. No books, no paints and pens for exploring art. And it is my passion to change that through drawing sessions, singing, chanting, dancing, books and storytelling. But when I divorced I lost all. As in Senegalese culture in divorce the husband takes everything from the house to the rice fields. And the woman is left with nothing. 

 I recently went to Guinea Conakry and discovered it's beauty and a good land to grow food. I will move my project there. So, now I'm asking people to help me to buy land where me and my children can live and do big garden. And at the same place I want to make an alternative after school with children based on art, music and permaculture.

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