Guildhall Games

Guildhall Games

We are a potential 'social gaming' store looking to set up in Dover, Kent, and we need your help! We want to raise funds here to help with our start-up costs; specifically, to cover the fees associated with setting up the website, email and so on, so that we can finalise our supplier accounts asap and make sure we get stock on our shelves as soon as possible, and open for you lovely lot even sooner! Anything we don't spend on these things will help by going into the general start up fund.

We did it!

On 24th Jul 2013 we successfully raised £640 of £500 target with 23 supporters in 28 days

Here's the idea behind Guildhall Games: a bunch of gamers in Southeast Kent were complaining to each other that there was nowhere around where they could go and buy their favourite geeky board games, rpg books and their expansion, or their LARP equipment, or their gaming dice and the availability of games like Warhammer, Magic: The Gathering and so on was pretty low. Wouldn't it be great, they said, if there was a store that not only specialised in these things, but had ample space and tables to play them in too? And so, the spark of Guildhall Games was ignited and plans were made...

We want to open this shop in Dover for all you tabletop gamers out there and we're busy running around and talking to bank advisors, business advisors and start up scheme advisors to raise the start up funds we need to make it happen. It's happening... slowly. But until we have the money, all we can do is dream. We're asking you to pledge a bit of money to help this dream become a reality, faster!

We're asking for just £500 from you. This money will go towards the costs involved in setting up an online presence for Guildhall Games - a necessity in this day and age, I'm sure we'd all agree - which will allow us to expand publicity, set up our supplier accounts, and keep you all well informed of our progress. Anything that doesn't get spent on these will go into the start up pot, to help with advertising costs, furnishings (that includes big gaming tables) and so on. In return, we're offering you some tasty little rewards and the chance to be a helping hand in getting Guildhall Games open for you!!

Want a gaming shop in Folkestone? Want to be able to look and feel a larp weapon before you buy it? Want a space where you can play Warhammer without squishing into your mate's kitchen and constantly bumping the table and knocking over all your carefully set up models? Want to run a Magic tournament but can't fit everyone in your living room? Want some free stuff? Here's your chance to do something about it! Help us raise this money and we're another step closer to opening the doors and welcoming you all inside. 


Well. Words cannot express how incredibly grateful we are to everyone who has pledged already. Seriously, I'm struggling to think of what to type to express my thanks.

Well, we passed the target!!!! This is awesome and means we can rely on getting your money, so things can HAPPEN!!!!! Fantastic. As thanks, here's a few extra perks for you to keep sharing and pestering friends to donate. These are general perks that will be rolled out instore, so from now on, if you pledge, you don't just get stuff for yourself, you help get stuff for EVERYONE.

At £600, those discount coupons we offered? They'll count for online purchases too. So will the booster packs. So you don't have to even come instore to get those (though you'll probably want to ...)

At £700, on opening day we will have goody bags ready for the first 20 people through the door. We won't spoil the surprise of what will be in them, but we think you'll like them.

At £800, we'll up the number of goody bags to 40.

At £900, we'll make it 50, and make them extra-special super-goody bags.

And if we reach the golden £1,000, we'll make opening day a costume party day, and there will be a prize for the best costume! As well as goody bags, because all parties need treats ...

I hope you're all as excited about this as we are!!!!!!!

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