Launching your project

1. Planning your project

We'll help you get everything in place, for the best possible start.

2. Creating your project

Unleashing your creativity to share your idea and inspire supporters.

3. Running your project

Our best advice on how to run your project and keep the wheels spinning.

Launching your project

Now let's tell the world what you're up to

Now that your project page is looking good, you need to build a plan to connect with your crowd.  

Think about which communication tools are best for each group.

For example, who do you usually reach via email, who’s best to reach by phone, by Twitter or on Facebook? Add these notes to your network map (see our downloadable guides on this page for more on that).

When spreading the word about your Crowdfunder project, always start with the people closest to you, before engaging with others. 

This is because people who already know you are more likely to support your project than those who don’t. Similarly, people who are already aware of your business are also more likely to engage than those who are not. As your project starts gain momentum, it’ll begin to look more attractive to people outside of your own network. 

Be patient – get some pledges before posting publicly on social media. Remember that you need to win people over. Take the time to start conversations and engage with people personally. Spamming simply doesn’t work.

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With a week or less to go, send out messages, updates and emails to start building the excitement. Your communication should have a tone of urgency to drive action.

Simon Walker, Head of Campaigns at

How do you normally talk to your contacts?




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Choose a launch time that allows for the pledges you have lined up to come in as soon as the campaign is live.

Sami Mauger

Ask your supporters and contacts to come along to your launch party and get them to bring a friend. Why not invite local musicians, serve great food and introduce people to all of your rewards?

Verity Curran

A common mistake is posting about your Crowdfunder project anywhere and everywhere before securing any pledges. This will actually have a negative effect, as people who are less familiar with your project will be put off by the lack of support.

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