Why crowdfund?

Raise funds to make your idea happen

When people come together, great things happen

If you are a community group, a business, a charity, a social enterprise, a sports club, or a person with the spark of an idea that you want to make happen, then we can help you fund it.

We have worked with thousands of people to raise millions of pounds with the power of the Crowd.

We’ve learned a lot about how to prepare, build, create and fund successful crowdfunding projects.

When people come together, great things happen because crowdfunding is about more than just raising funds. 

It’s about getting validation for your idea, creating brand awareness, growing your audience and making the most of the brilliant opportunities that arise while your campaign is running.

Get your idea straight. Be original, bold and current.

Sami Mauger, Head of Projects at Crowdfunder.co.uk
1. Need money?

If you need to raise money for something, you're in the right place. Crowdfunding works for ideas big and small.

2. Get started

You'll need to tell the story of what you want to do, why you’re doing it and how you’re going to make it happen. We'll help with that.

3. Hit your target

When you're live your supporters will pledge small amounts of money in return for great rewards or just donations and help you hit your target.

Why Crowdfund?

Why Crowdfund? TEDx Talk

There are plenty of challenges when you’re trying to make an idea happen.

In his recent TEDx talk, our Head of Campaigns Simon Walker talks about what crowdfunding is and why you should use it to make your idea a reality.

Simon has mentored hundreds of successful projects, helping them raise tens of millions of pounds in the process. Enjoy!

Why Crowdfunder?

Crowd validation

A successful project proves there is demand for what you’re doing, and gives you confidence in your idea.

Marketing boost

Think of the funding period as an intensive marketing exercise and an opportunity to try out new things.


Your supporters take part in the journey and make incredible ambassadors for you in the future.

Future funding

Having a successful crowdfunding campaign can help to unlock loans and investment

Extra funding

There is extra money available on Crowdfunder – money from our partners to add to your target.

Expert help

Our expert coaching network has helped thousands of successful projects just like yours.

Ready to get started?

Start crowdfunding

We'll help you every step of the way

Get extra funding for your idea

Extra pledges of up to £10,000 available for your idea

What sets us apart from other crowdfunding websites is our extra funding, available to all our projects across the UK. 

You could be eligible for more money on top of what you raise from the Crowd, depending on what you're doing or where you're doing it. 

Think of it as a big extra pledge on your project, maybe up to £10,000. It's a unique funding mix of 'the Crowd' and our Funders, and it means extra for your idea.

So start crowdfunding today and see if there’s something for you as you create your new project.

How extra funding works

Need more help?

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