Identify your crowd

Identify your crowd

Work with key influencers and supporters in your network

You will need to engage with your personal and professional contacts to make your project a success, and usually your friends and family will be the  first to pledge, with new audiences coming later. 

Let’s look at the big picture first. 

The best way to start is to gather your team together and start drawing a map of your network. 

Using this network map template will give you a much fuller picture of the shape and size of your crowd. 

Your unique network map will be the basis for all the key elements you’ll be creating next, so leave nothing out.Image

Look at your network and work back to discover how much you think you can raise. It’s got to be big enough to be worth all the effort, but it’s also got to be realistic so you don’t waste your time.

Sarah Bentley, raised £76,693 for Made in Hackney Community Kitchen

People whose pledge or endorsement will most likely trigger other support. They might be a well-connected local hero, social media guru or even a celebrity. Get them on board before launching your project and make sure they understand the role they can play in your success.

Super backers

People who might pledge bigger sums of money towards your Crowdfunder project. They might be a high-net-worth individual, local business or corporate partners. You’ll need to start conversations with these people as early as possible to secure their support.

Who's missing?

Identify any groups or individuals you’d like to reach, but haven’t yet connected with. It’s also important to make sure you engage with everyone already on the list so your channels of communication are open and active. If you haven’t spoken to a particular group in a while, now is the time to get back in touch.

Crowdfunder Bootcamp: Planning your project

Graeme has been with the Crowdfunder team since day one, managing campaigns for individuals and community groups across the UK. He shares his expertise on planning the perfect campaign in our short YouTube series.

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Matt Giles

Contact people who have run similar Crowdfunder campaigns in the past and ask for their advice. How did they find potential supporters? What particular marketing worked well for them?

Murry Toms

It's a good idea to have someone in your team who is a great networker, knows lots of people and isn't shy about talking to new people too!

Verity Curran

Depending on the size of your project, it can feel like a full-time job running the campaign! Get people on board to help you so that you can focus on the most value-adding elements.

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