Grow your crowd

Grow your Crowd

It's time to reach out

Now that your project page is looking good, you need to build a plan to grow your 'Crowd'. 

In our download guide, Planning your project, we encourage you to draw your network map.

Think about which communication tools are best for each group. For example, who do you usually reach via email, who’s best to reach by phone or on Facebook? Add these notes to your network map.

When spreading the word about your Crowdfunder, always start with the people closest to you, before engaging with others. 

People who already know you are more likely to support your project than those who don’t.

Similarly, people who are already aware of your business are also more likely to engage than those who are not. 

Social media - Twitter and Facebook - was absolutely vital in promoting our campaign. It’s all about content. Share stories, pictures, messages of support. Give supporters a stake in achieving your target.

Andy Walker, Press and Communications Officer at FC United of Manchester  

As your project starts gain momentum, it’ll begin to look more attractive to people outside of your own network. 

Be patient – get some pledges before posting publicly on social media.

Remember that you need to win people over. Take the time to start conversations and engage with people personally. Spamming doesn’t work.

Some of the tools you'll need




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Crowdfunder Bootcamp: Planning your project

Graeme has been with the Crowdfunder team since day one, managing campaigns for individuals and community groups across the UK and shares his expertise on planning the perfect campaign in our short YouTube series.

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Our crowdfunding experts are the best in the business and have created some brilliant guides, packed with information on every aspect of running a project to help you reach your target.

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Our online community is crammed with help from people who’ve been there and crowdfunded the T-shirt, sharing the tips and advice that helped them on the path to success.


Asking people to share or pledge involves treading a fine line between becoming a total pain and people not knowing what you are up to with your crowdfunding project.

Murry Toms

Be considerate when reaching out to people. You're asking them for money, so take time to engage with them on a personal level.

Verity Curran

Get active and build your audience on social media before going live - don't wait until launch to start engaging.

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Do your research! We checked out similar projects to make sure our target wasn’t unrealistic. Speaking to other successful campaigns helped us a lot.

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