Project duration

Project duration

How long should your project be?

You will need to engage with your personal and professional contacts to make your project a success. 

Four to five weeks is the sweet spot.

Choosing a short and sharp campaign means you can get your Crowd excited and maintain a sense of urgency. 

Longer campaigns can start to lose steam and might actually end up becoming annoyingly repetitive.

When picking your launch date, be aware of the calendar and factor in any events that might slowdown or promote your campaign. 

When choosing what time of the day to launch, keep in mind that whatever time you launch the project, it will end at the same time of day – choose a time that will allow you to have a big push at the end.


Most pledges will come in at the beginning and the end of your project – so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a great plan to keep engagement high the whole way through.

Sami Mauger, Head of Projects at

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Do your research! We checked out similar projects to make sure our target wasn’t unrealistic. Speaking to other successful campaigns helped us a lot.

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