Giving rewards

Giving rewards

The perfect way to say 'thank you'

Rewards are a great way of increasing the amount of money a supporter will pledge and can help to generate excitement around your project. 

On Crowdfunder, you can offer rewards in return for pledges as well as simply collecting donations. If you're thinking of offering rewards, then consider the kind of people who will be making the pledges and offer rewards to suit them. 

Remember that rewards should be good value for money. If one of your rewards is available elsewhere, apply a discount of 20-30%  as a great way of making it attractive to your crowd.

Why not offer exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ experiences, tickets to events, masterclasses or special editions – things that aren’t available elsewhere?

Limited rewards are also a fantastic way of securing early support. Having just a small number available is a good way to get your crowd motivated.

In terms of pricing, have a few rewards priced at around £20, as this where a good chunk of pledges are made, and spread them evenly across different price points from £10 to £100. And don’t just stick to numbers that end in zeros – odd numbers imply that your rewards have been thoughtfully costed.

Thank everyone as loudly and publicly as you can. Your gratitude might be free, but it can be used to generate positivity around your brand and helps those who contributed feel a sense of ownership over the project.

Max, Campaign Executive at

Types of rewards you can give

Products and services

Experiences and events


Cost effective

A 'thank you'

Some great examples

Growhampton is an award-winning sustainability project and they turned to Crowdfunder to raise funds for an extension to their cafe. We loved their range of original and exciting reward ideas.

Pledge £10

Souper Sandwich

A wonderful Growhampton drink of your choice and a sandwich or soup . . . and as a special thank you from us, your name will appear on our Growhampton Hall of Fame.

Pledge £40

Eggcellent tour

Come and meet our newest additions – the growhampton Chooks! Our Chickens can’t wait to meet you and provide you a set of half a dozen Growhampton eggs.

Pledge £500

Come dine with us

Host your very own private dinner party forup to 10 people. Includes three-course dinner, drinks and coffee and includes dinner entertainment from our very own ‘Live At TheHive’ artists.

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Verity Curran

Before going live, spend some time asking people from your crowd for feedback on your rewards. What do they like? What would motivate them? How much would they spend? Do they think they're good value for money?

Graeme Roy

Have at least five rewards and consider starting at £5, adding rewards in amounts all the way up to 10% of your funding target. Most people pledge between £10 and £20 on Crowdfunder, so think about exciting rewards around that price.


Brainstorm with your team for all the rewards that you could offer. Think about the kind of people who will be making the pledges and offer rewards that they would want to get.

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