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Travelling for work, hotel food, working lunches and drinks makes following a diet plan hard. GuesstiMATE is an app to change that.

by Katy Barnes in Darlington, England, United Kingdom

I’ve been following WeightWatchers and MyFitnessPal for 7 years. After reaching my target weight after just 2 years, I’ve struggled to keep the weight off and to keep “on track”. Recently I’ve been really giving this some thought and I’ve realised that since I’ve been travelling for work (around 5 years), there hasn’t been a week where I’ve “stuck to plan” - whatever that plan might be! 

After a day at work a couple of weeks ago where I’d perfectly tracked everything I’d eaten using the apps built in barcode scanner, I sat down, exhausted and alone in my hotel room and ordered room service. I carefully selected chicken, vegetables, salad and potatoes. I tracked it before it arrived “guesstimating” values. But when it was delivered I realised I was WAY out. This chicken breast almost covered the plate! The potatoes were spilling over a huge side plate. 

I couldn’t work out how I’d guesstimate this plate of food. And instantly wished I could ask some fellow plan followers. That’s when I came up with the idea for GuesstiMATE. An app which allows users to photograph a plate of food, describe it, add some “plate sizing” and then put that out to a community to help find an average guesstimation. 

This allows users to get a more realistic guesstimation and will help them to track more accurately.


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