Guess my breed! A quest for a doggy DNA test

by Lisa Donaldson in Gloucester, England, United Kingdom

Guess my breed! A quest for a doggy DNA test


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I am a rescue pup with an identity crisis! I need to find out which breeds of dog I am with a doggy DNA test!

by Lisa Donaldson in Gloucester, England, United Kingdom

My name is Beano and I am a Spanish rescue dog with a mission to get a doggy DNA test! 

Every time I go ANYWHERE I am always asked ‘what breed are you? ‘What type of dog are you?’ followed by ‘Ooh you are very soft!’. My sparkling caramel eyes and swishy floof tail are squinted at and scrutinised and then come the breed suggestions, a bit of collie perhaps? I have a corgi walk, oh no definitely dachshund legs, yes definitely something short. It. Is. Humiliating! There is no end to the speculation. Meanwhile I sit politely waiting for my chance to go sniff something because mum says I am a VERY GOOD BOY. 

I personally, think I am incredibly dashing (mum agrees) but the time has come to finally find out once and for all what my breeds are! Due to the amount of times we are asked by dog walkers on a daily basis, and the fact Mum is being driven to gin due to the need to repeat the same phrases over and over again, my mum is considering hanging a blackboard around my neck with the text: 

Hello my name is Beano

I am a cocker spaniel cross (we don’t know what I’m crossed with). 

Yes I am very soft. 

In order to prevent this utter humiliation (I have standards you know... I put up with those pom-poms but only because it was a party...) we need to get this matter sorted once and for all. 

So here it is, the reason we are crowd funding for a doggy DNA test. I hope you can understand my plight to know where I came from. Mum also says if we raise more that £75 we will donate the extra money to the rescue that helped me - Foreign Furries. They were very lovely to me and rescued me from a horrid shelter in Spain where I had been for two years (ridiculous really, as I am a delight). 

If you can help with a few pounds, pennies or biscuits into the pot me and mum would be ever so grateful. I was very hungry in my past life and I need mum to spend all her money on gravy bones and cheese, I am also learning to play so I need a lot of squeaky toys. I really likes the squeak... 

Please leave your guesses of which breeds you think I am in the comments as mum still likes to guess, cocker spaniel crossed with...... there will be a prize for the winner! A signed photo of yours truly perhaps? A lunch date where you can feed me ham and chips? Mum says we will share a video with everyone when we do the grand reveal! 

I look forward to wagging at you all, 

Beano xx 

Cocker spaniel cross...... 

Let's make 'Guess my breed! A quest for a doggy DNA test' happen

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