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by Rachael haylock in Antigua Guatemala, , Guatemala

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On 24th October 2018 we successfully raised £57 with 3 supporters in 28 days

Aiming to help Guatemala development, Chappish has created the first online marketplace.

by Rachael haylock in Antigua Guatemala, , Guatemala


My name is Rachael Haylock. I am originally from the UK, but currently working out in Guatemala, helping to start an online platform to promote Guatemalan business. If successful, this project will not only boost the Guatemalan economy from the inside out, but also install feelings of trust and security between the local people. It will give Guatemalan businesses an opportunity to thrive, and allow the people to invest in products from their own country. To kickstart this project we need to raise funds in every way possible.

Here is a message from the CEO, Brayan Monterroso: 

One of the ways I wish to do this is to increase the level of trust and security amongst the people. In Guatemala our culture is to be wary of each other, particularly on the internet. What's more, there is no public postal service, making ordering things online extremely difficult.

My plan is to start a trusted online platfrom, in which vendors and buyers can buy and sell to each other in a secure environment. I developed contracts with local couriers, and create productive relationships with both the national and international companies that exist here to have everything up and ready asap.

I need investments to cover the development of the platform, in particular to fund web developers and marketing/publicity. I already have a thorough business plan, and would like to receive donations as soon as possible in order to make my dreams a reality.

I believe my idea will be a greatly benefit the people of Guatemala and foreigns too. Not only providing them with a professional, secure space to order products online, but also creating jobs for local people. Currently, in a country of 16 million, 230,137 are unemployed. This is almost 5% of people aged between 18-44. My country has so much potential and I wish to be one of the driving forces behind enabling Guatemala to become the thriving country I know it can be.

Please check the website

Thank you for reading. I would be eternally grateful to receive your donations.

Brayan E. Monterroso
CEO-Founder | Chappish

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