Guardians of the soil

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Project by Loaf from Love

Guardians of the soil

Guardians of the soil

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Project by Loaf from Love


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To film a ritual art performance dedicated to saving our soils! Featuring costumes by Holland Otik and ceramic vessels by Loaf from Love

New stretch target

Any extra money will go towards buying native trees and planting them at our community allotment. 

We are a group of artists and environmentally concerned humans who are setting out to make a short film of a ritualistic performance piece dedicated to saving our soils. "Guardians of the Soil" is a powerful call to action us humans to take responsibility for our actions and change our ways.

Human civilization is currently depleting our soil at a rate of no return! If we continue our current agricultural practices, we only have 60 more harvests left before we completely exhaust our soils. Food as we know it in supermarkets will be gone, and our collective health will deteriorate drastically.

When I started learning about regenerative farming and where food currently comes from, I was shocked that these destructive practices are even allowed—that we are still using synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and tilling/ plowing that releases an insane amount of CO2, instead of responsibly stewarding the land with sustainable permaculture practices.

With this Crowdfunder, we are raising money to cover our basic expenses of making our short film. If we surpass our reach goal, we will buy some native trees to plant at our community allotment. 

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