Guardian Hangover Relief

Guardian Hangover Relief

To invest in marketing, beta and advanced medical research into the benefits of Guardian Hangover Relief

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Guardian Hangover Relief is a unique blend of natural ingredients that relieves users from the symptoms of hangovers.

No medicine, caffeine or allergens are present in this game-changing formula that puts the OVER into hangover!

Initial development and testing has taken over a year and we are now ready to bring this exciting product to the market. In the latest tests of 100 people 100% said that taking 2 capsules of Guardian Hangover Relief with a pint of water after drinking "elmininated" or "significantly improved" their expected hangover the next day. 

We are now crowd funding to raise capital to take this produce mass-market.

Funds raised will go towards:

  • Development and production of product packaging
  • A larger 1000-person beta-test and testimonial programme
  • Developing a social media presence
  • Medical research into blood alcohol level changes induced by Guardian Hangover Relief
  • Scaling the business up ready for a national launch