GT Computer Repairs - Expansion to Services

GT Computer Repairs - Expansion to Services

I am a self employed computer engineer and wish to expand my business with your help and generosity to enable me to chase my dreams..

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am a self-employed computer repair engineer based in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire and have been offering my services to the public and small business for over 5 years now.
I wish to expand my business with the aid of crowd funding which would help set up my business on an increased scale with the help of advertising, mobility and the possible rental of a premises rather than working from my own flat.
Which would increase my business and enable me to offer more than just a repair service but enable me to compete with the high street retailers in the sales of new laptops/computers and tablets (I also repair smartphone screens)..
Depending on the response from this project and your generosity I wish to apply the following measures :-
1) Advertising.. be able to purchase a roadside sign (A-board) outside my building to creat passing awareness to increase trade and also get some workwear printed (ie T-Shirts/Fleece that I would wear whilst working) - as always a good look and creates business..
2) Mobility.. be able to purchase a small used van and get that sign-written and on the road and this would be a benefit as I currently rely on my customers dropping off and collecting their items. Having transport to do collections and deliveries would be a tremendous bonus as I currently rely on my partners own car to run me around in her sparetime. I lose out on many jobs as Im not mobile.
3) My main aim is to start selling new laptops/computer to my existing and new customers which I dont do at the moment. Providing this service is my ultimate gain as I currently can only fund refurbished items which come xmas time they sell but not as much as a few decent new systems would. Competeing with the big retailers is hard when you dont have much choice in items.
4) Ultimately - being able to expand into a shop or outlet/workshop would be the icing on the cake and my dream, being able to afford to rent a shop and get it kitted out with the neccessary workshop and small showroom and customer helpdesk is maybe a non-viable dream and it may still have to remain a dream, but all depends or your generosity..

If you feel this is a good idea and wish to see more info on me and my services then please look for me on facebook.
GT Computer Repairs

Thankyou for your time reading this and every little helps - make my dreams come true...!