GRTV Expansion

GRTV Expansion

GRTV are looking for investment of funds to expand their operation in a quicker time frame than currently planned.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

GRTV are a Glasgow based production company they are responsible for the hugely popular Glasgow reality show called GLOW.

The success of GLOW has allowed for the company to plan new shows whcih will be arriving this year. 

1 being a weekly live audience comedy chat show, taking place in the trendiest bars in the city and featuring 2 hosts,  1 Scottish celebrity and 1 member of the public whom will join the team infront of the camera each week.

2nd is still completely confidential but underway.


GRTV's expansion will entail the production of many new productions with documentaries, sport coverage, 1 game show, musical talent and local news broadcast all filed for the near future projects.

All new productions are based in Glasgow.

GRTV is ran by Glasgow for Glasgow, the goal is to have atleast 1 show that every individual can and will enjoy.

So if you want to become part of the fastest growing and most talked about companies in the country then make a little donation today and help GRTV show Glasgow as 1 of the worlds greatest small cities.