Growing Up - Eat! Eat!

by SophiaHardy in Daventry, England, United Kingdom

Growing Up  - Eat! Eat!
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

We want to grow our pizzeria into another :) after amazing 5 * reviews in just 6 months!

by SophiaHardy in Daventry, England, United Kingdom

The story of ‘Eat! Eat!’ stems from my childhood memories of my grandmother. As a young girl the door would open and her joyful face would greet me with sloppy kisses on both cheeks. The amazing aromas of Mediterranean flavours would come drifting through, and she would scurry off to get back to what was clearly hours of careful home cooking in the kitchen. I remember her animated wavy hands, the plastic tablecloth and the smell of balsamic vinegar as more and more food was presented at the table. Then finally she always called out "Eat! Eat!" And we would sit as a family and eat, and talk, and eat! Our bellies were full to bursting but she would say again, "Eat! Eat!" And we kept going, because in our house, food was love! 

Eat! Eat! Has been open 6 months and we want to start growing. At the moment we are based in a 16 seater pizzeria and would like another premises to continue our success.

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