Love Dogs ? Join the Soggy Doggy March

by Soggy Doggy UK Wholesale in Ashtead, England, United Kingdom


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To spread the benefits of the Soggy Doggy brand within the UK

by Soggy Doggy UK Wholesale in Ashtead, England, United Kingdom

The Soggy Doggy range of mats and drying towels is the brain child of a US Mum, who needed to find a solution to wet and soggy paws coming into the home or car... She has put her heart and soul into building and brand, and is proud of the quality and design - as they are top quality products that really do work !

I am a sole trader and am the only UK importer of this amazing product.  I have spent the last 18 months, going to Dog Shows, Festivals, weekend markets.  I have built my website, and educated myself on the amazing world of social media... raising awareness of the brand is a full time job (on top of my full time job!) - but it is absolutely worth it ! Everyone that buys this product has been impressed by it's quality and robustness - a recent review was "we are impressed that our mat is still going strong after a year, with a weekly wash and lots of soggy paw work".

I have personally built this market within the UK and am passionate to spread the Soggy Doggy love  .. I believe it is a product that would sit comfortably in higher end stores such as John Lewis, and even within the pet areas of supermarkets, such as Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Sainsburys too.  

The funds raised will be invested in an advertising and PR campaign across all mediums; producing a slicker more fluid website - raising awareness is key.

Joining the Soggy Doggy march will give you benefits too !  As a suppawter - you will receive a free soggy doggy gift together with your own exclusive on-line account providing you with Soggy Doggy paw benefits.. to use on our website with up to a 50% discount, knowing you have helped the small independent business grow.

Being a small business, many dog charities approach us for support.  I have created an independent fund-raising website which will benefit small local dog charities throughout the UK - currently I do this in the way of free products which the charities can use to raise funds.

Join our Soggy Doggy Movement for stopping those Soggy Paws right here !! 

Let's make 'Love Dogs ? Join the Soggy Doggy March' happen