Growing Businesses for Action Dunchenne

Growing Businesses for Action Dunchenne

Raise money for Action Duchenne whilst getting online marketing tips that will boost profits in your small to medium sized business.

We did it!

On 11th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £96 with 7 supporters in 14 days

Duchenne muscular dysthropy is a mouthful to say.

And for those who suffer or love somebody that suffers from the disorder, it's devastating.


Although girls and women can carry the gene for DMD, it's very rare that they will actually suffer from the symptoms. DMD sufferers tend to be young boys. 

Their muscles can begin to weaken at the early age of 3 years old. the weakness and deteriation spreads throughout their bodies. And eventually it reaches the heart and respitory muscles. 

There is no cure for Duchenne. A good life expectancy is in the 30's.


My beautiful friend is the parent of two gorgeous children. Her little boy happens to have DMD. His sister constantly takes care of him and they make each other smile. Nobody can be around the pair of them without smiling - their joy is infectious.

But for my friend, each smile and laughter is laced with a feeling I can't begin to imagine.

Her plans for her little boy aren't endless. When she thinks about him going to school and college, her thoughts go somewhere else that most other parents dread to think about.


There is no cure for Duchenne.

But Action Duchenne is cnostantly fighting to research and test new medicines to help DMD sufferers and their families to live a long happy life together. A life where each smile and laugh is not tinged with sadness because there is a very definite day that those smiles will become memories.

And today I'm using my business to help this amazing charity do what it does best.


What I'm Offering

Black Friday Fundraiser

This is the perfect opportunity to grow your business, increase your profit margins AND do something amazing that gives you a chance to make a difference.

Option #1 – Webinar: Inbound Marketing at It’s Best

Join me on a monster 90 minute, highly interactive webinar to find out how to get clients and customers lining up to get what you’re selling. Without annoying them until they want to smack you in the head with a frying pan.

Who it’s for: Small to medium sized businesses who want to upgrade their results from inbound marketing strategies such as SEO, Social, content and email marketing.

What you get: 90 minute presentation where I’ll show you:

  • How to rise the ranks of Google quickly without cheap tactics or buying links
  • How to use inbound marketing to bring you a consistent stream of clients, customers and profits
  • The little trick that will save you huge amounts of time when it comes to creating amazing content
  • The real key to conversions

Where and When: Online (link will be sent to you) Thursday 3rd Dec 8pm UK time

Minimum Pledge Amount: £5.00

Spaces Available: Unlimited – although only 50 people will be able to join the live call, everybody who pledges for this option will be sent a full recording of the webinar afterwards.


Option #2 – Mini Seminar + Networking Event: Is Online Marketing Right for Your Business?

Join me with a small group of other business owners in the High Peak, Derbyshire to learn how you can use online marketing to grow your business with minimal cost and without spending hours a day glued to a computer.

Who it’s for: Small to medium sized businesses owners who are either thinking about or already dabbling with online marketing to grow their business and want to know more about how it all works and what they can do to double or triple their results.

What you get: In a 60 minute presentation, I’ll be walking you through:

  • What online marketing actually consists of and why smart businesses (international and local) are using it to boost profits year on year
  • How to get your clients and customers to act like walking adverts for your business
  • 3 of the most damaging myths around online marketing and how to use them to your advantage
  • How to use online marketing to make cold hard cash in your business (it’s not just about likes and shares!)
  • Little tips and tricks to build more revenue streams in your business

You’ll be able to network after the presentation. Find other business owners who can actually help to spread the word about your business and strengthen customer loyalty.

Where and When: Dates and venues to be confirmed although at this point there will be one event in Buxton and one in the Chapel-en-le-Frith/Whaley Bridge Area (possibly more if there is enough interest).

Minimum Pledge Amount: £10


Option #3 – 2 Hour Consultation

Want something a little more personal for you and your business? Get some one on one time with me in person or virtually (via Skype) and figure out what kind of campaign would suit your biggest needs right now.

Who it’s for: Business owners who are looking to create a system and funnel that will work to bring them new clients consistently to grow or expand their business.

What you get: 2 hour consultation with me to figure out whether you need more leads or better conversions to get you the results you need for your business.

By the end of the consultation, we’ll have figured out a clear strategy to bring you the best results in the least amount of time.

You’ll have the outline of a full scale campaign to bring you more of your ideal client, expand your business and improve your profit margin.

Where and when: Time and date to be discussed via email once you’ve made your pledge.

Minimum Pledge Amount: £50


Why Me?

Why would you want to listen to me talk about online marketing? Who says I even know about this stuff?!

Well I do. But I’m guessing you might not take my word for it.

But I do have clients who I’ve helped and continue to help. I’ve worked with them to create a variety of campaigns that literally speak to their target audience. And they’ve made money off the back of those campaigns.

Here are some of the things that people say about me…

So there you have it. I’m no rocket scientist. But I know a little something about online marketing. And it turns out I’m pretty good at explaining it to others!

But as much as I could sit her and blow my own trumpet all day long (I really could too – modesty isn’t something that I’ve adjusted to over the years)…

This isn’t about me.

And as much as this will help you, your business and your bank account (yay!) – it’s not really about that either.

This is about us all feeling like we're a part of the solution. 

Next Steps

  1. Choose which reward you would like (shout out, webinar, in person seminar and networking event or the two hour consultation)
  2. Click on the appropriate reward (found on the right hand side of this page)
  3. On the next page you can choose whether you'd like to add more money to your amount and whether you'd like to leave yoru name or not
  4. Once you've made your pledge - follow the link for your reward and you'll be asked to leave your details
  5. You will be emailed within 1 hour to confirm your reward
  6. Share this page with everyone you know

Things to Note

I've doubled up on the live events to make it easier to get to. One will be held on either Tuesday or Wednesday (8th/9th Dec) at Number 13 in Buxton in the evening. The other event will be the following week, evening time again in either Chapel-en-le-Frith or Whaley Bridge.

I'll post updates on here as soon as I have nailed down precise time, date and venue.

This really is for any business. I don't know a business that's operating in any industry that won't benefit from some kind of online marketing. 

I'm hoping to reach target by the end of the first week. in which case, I'll do re-runs of the webinar and open up some more offers for the extended target.

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