Passive Solar Greenhouse for Urban Backyard Aquaponics Farming

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On 25th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days


We are the Froehlich Family and we are sustainble farming ethusiasts and have decided that we want to build a Greenhouse in our Backgarden. Though this we had the idea to develop a Greenhouse where we will grow crops and breed fish all year around with no external energy input which means the Greenhouse is producing all its energy itself. The Greenhouse will be built to the so called Passivhouse Principle which means it will have south facing glazing and the rest will be insulated walls and flooring. To top it we will make it a modular construction which means it can be build up on any brown field site without planning permission. Through its modular approach it can be quickly built up or taken down and relocated in a very short time. The testing ground will be our back Garden in Edinburgh (Scotland) 

The approach for us it that we can grow healthy food in sufficient amount all year around completely independent from of season and weather. This means that our prototype has a size of 4.000m x 9.00m and should feed our family of 3 and a few neighbours all year around with fish and veg.  

After a testing time of around 2 – 3 years we can take the knowledge and role the houses out to private people who want to grow their own food, local communities and Farmers. We have estimated that the outcome should be at least 3-4 times more harvest than growing in an open field.

All of us in the team are very excited to get going as all of our plans and systems are ready to go and we can’t wait to get going. So the only hurdle we have to overcome is of course a financial one.

We hope to raise £ 15.000 to get our first prototype of the ground. This includes material and labour for the house itself which will be built in a timber structure. All the power we need will come from solar panels and battery storage. Due to the low energy demand of the house we can operate the pumps and ventilation system with just solar power even in winter.

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