GROW a Future for Families

by crees in Newquay

We did it
On 10th July 2014 we successfully raised £28,020 with 440 supporters in 42 days

£15,000 will help local people in the Amazon Rainforest support their families through planting and protecting tree farms.

by crees in Newquay

New stretch target

Wow!! We did it!!

 It's thanks to you amazing people we have raised over £15,000 to help families in Manu, Peru to grow a sustainable future for themselves and the Amazon rainforest by transforming their land through tree farming.

 We are overwhelmed by the support we've received so far but we're not stopping here. For every extra £1,500 we receive we can plant and protect another tree farm - supporting a whole new family or helping a current farmer who really needs it to expand their farm. So get donating and helping more families and protecting even more of the rainforest.


GROW a Future for Families

The people of the Manu rainforest in Peru are desperate to build a happier and healthier life for themselves, their children, and the Amazon - and we want to help them. The families we work with love their rainforest home but pressure from agricultural expansion, logging, gold mining and oil and gas exploration creates dependence on destruction which leave many in poverty. Like many others, Reynaldo (the rainforest hero in our video) and Elias, the ex-logger, who you may have seen on I Bought a Rainforest, want to harness the rainforest’s full potential and to see its beauty and richness passed on to their children.

But continued destruction now could leave future generations with nothing.

We want to help local people to build a sustainable future and we know that, given the opportunity, the knowledge and the tools, they can do it. In the last 4 years we have worked with 18 families to transform their degraded land into tree farms; creating productive forest areas which generate long term sustainable income while planting over 14,000 trees.


Tree Farms: How do they work?

Reynaldo, our local hero in the video above, designed our tree farms project so that families with degraded land could benefit in the short and long term.

They do this by planting and caring for a combination of banana plants, softwood, and hardwood trees.

The banana plants are harvested continuously - giving families a short-term income, and the trees can start to be harvested and replanted after 15 and 40 years - producing higher long term income at times when families really need it.

Giving local people a sustainable livelihood also protects the surrounding rainforest and its wildlife because there is no need to resort to other destructive activities. Farmers can continue to work on the same land so one family’s tree farm can help protect over 30 hectares of surrounding forest!

Your Support: How will it help?

10 families will be able to achieve an increased steady income, helping them afford things like good quality nutrition and prospects for education.

The people we work with will gain confidence, skills for life, and pride in their land and work.

People will not need to resort to jobs which damage their health or are illegal.

Degraded areas of land will become productive as well as giving shelter to surrounding wildlife.

The local link between rainforest protection and prosperity will become even stronger, encouraging others to protect the Amazon too.

Your Donation: How will we use it?

We are raising a total of £15,000 so that we can:

Plant 8000 trees

Give monthly workshops for three years so we can support families, helping them to become skilled tree farmers and to maximise their productivity. Training includes raising awareness on deforestation and putting sustainable solutions (like tree farming) on the local agenda as well as learning how to become Rainforest Alliance certified.

With your help, our local staff will also be able to do regular onsite visits and provide the continued support that is key to protecting the rainforest in the long run. 


If we go over our target:

For every extra £1,500 raised, another family will be able to plant a tree farm and GROW a future and any donations on top of this will be used to fund additional workshops and training.

More about us:

We are the crees foundation; a Peruvian, not-for-profit organisation. We strive to create a realistic long-term model for protecting the bio-diversity of the rainforest; one that fully involves the people who live there. We work with local people to build sustainable livelihoods and over the past 10 years we have facilitated health, education, and environment-related community initiatives in the beautiful Manu Biosphere Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. So far we have engaged over 25% of the population with different sustainable land management models and protected over 500 ha of rainforest. We also undertake research and give people the opportunity to get involved through volunteering, expeditions and tourism.

If you would like to know more about what we do or the beautiful place where we work please visit our website or facebook page

Some of our Rewards:


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Tag and protect a tree farm tree - or 5!



Stay tuned for more brilliant rewards!


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