Grow Fruit: Feed Needy Kids & Their Families

Help these needy kids and their families by providing sustainable work.. We're now growing fruit for sale and need money to expand things.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

It's the kids who benefit most from this project!   WHEN YOU SEE HOW THEY LIVE, YOU JUST WANT TO DO SOMETHING FOR THEM! You'll want to make an impact in their lives.

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We are overfunding, check out what we can do if we reach NEW target!”

We can increase the number of new fruits grown, so that we will need an additional family. This will bring a better life to up to 6 families - all with young children - to work (sustainably) on the tropical fruit production.



How can we help the very poor people in the Burma-Thai Borderlands? If you came here you'd see the open need. You'd see how the children could do so much better. These are special kids, so open and in real need.

If you donate in the first 7 days of the project, with any level of giving, you will become our SPECIAL SPONSOR, with your name sign written on the entrance gate. [See Rewards. £95].Most exiles are there having ran away from the extreme harshness of Burma's self-serving military government.Helping these needful people is difficult because if you donate through official channels, because the country is so in dire straits, it will probably be resold for someone's personal and selfish profit.Do you remember that saying, 'Give a man a fish and feed him for a day but teach him how to fish himself and you'll feed him for a lifetime'? It doesn't actually come from the Bible, as it stands, but there are many references to its truthfulness. (Matthew 14:15-21 and 7:7-11 etc.)We probably all agree that this is the way to go forward, if we can.This is what we're trying, so hard, to do . . . we are creating work for those who have none and have little chance of getting anything worthwhile. Once you provide a man with work he can be proud of, you give him self respect and you provide food, clothing and opportunities for him which feeds and support his children and extended family. Give a good job to one and feed and support many, into the future too.Providing a man with sustainable work, where he fills a vital role and has 'ownership' is giving a whole family unit a future in the world they live in. It's helping to take that man and his family group, out of their existing shabby squalor into something far, far better.It's not menial work that's being provided but a real chance to learn about the project, take an active part as a 'participating co-owner' and be proud of its outcome. This kind of chance not only lifts people up, gives them back a real interest in their daily lives but also acts as a catalyst or 'a spur to action' to those others who see what is happening.We need your help please; to launch our 'Tropical Fruit Plantings.'

The money's needed for:

  1. To buy and plant 2003 extra banana plants to add to our existing 997 plants. This will make a total of 3000 plants - £381
  2. To obtain 202 seedless grape vines to add to our current 48 vines, making a total of 250 eating grape vines - £1921
  3. To buy and plant another 28 Shiraz vines to make a total of 100 Shiraz vines - £321
  4. 53 Pomelo trees to make a new total of 80 trees, in all - £125
  5. We have 1000 pineapples and need to increase this to 5000 to make a stronger supply chain - £760

Total Needed: £3507

The various fruits have been selected to be able to sell every week of the year; both higher level returns (the eating grapes) to more basic 'bready and butter' income. Both is needed.

No allowances have been made for the irrigation costs, as these are being provided by our own team. We have had a gift of old 1" water pipes which are still servicable and we will use a water pump (now available) to pump water from our very sustantial 7m deep lake.What is done already: We secured the land to use; we have already planted all the fruits to test the results, now we want to expand the quantities to provide a more sustainable enterprise for those involved. We have 4 well-built timber huts for the families to live in with fresh water, electricity and a small toilet block and laundry.We need £3507 which will enable us to launch into a viable fruit production size. This will give sustainable employment to up to 5 families.Providing this will . . give a real income to families and let kids go to school, in uniform, and be proud of their Burmese backgrounds, it'll give enthusiasm and hope to the parents who will work on the tropical fruit production. We have agreed outlets now at the prices shown on our financials.


This project's success will open the door so we can do more for others. More info: (Kathy Yates / Edward Firs / Warisa Firs / Oliver Zander)


WHO ARE WE?The two men; Edward and Oliver are both well qualified to run this project. The two girls have between them; promotional and sales experience. The girls will handle the selling of the harvested fruits. This is already underway on a small scale.

Edward has completed over 900 hours of study to obtain the Australian Advanced Certificate in Small Business Management in Horticulture and has acted as a consultant (in the past) to those wanting to export cut flowers and plants to Japan. Oliver also worked in this same floricultural business as one of the importers, based in Tokyo. He acted as an import agent to several Japanese firms always concentrating on Australian produce.

Both Kathy and Warisa hold Master's Degrees from the UK and Thailand respectively.

All 4 have been actively involved with assisting on other projects but never as part of the lead team.