GROUNDBREAKING Autism Documentary: My Body My Cure

by Dr Jonathan Ferguson in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

GROUNDBREAKING Autism Documentary: My Body My Cure


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Autism's silent majority will no longer be silent; nor will our loved ones! Let's thrown down the gauntlet against the lethal anti-cure cult

by Dr Jonathan Ferguson in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

"I am not autism... I am a free man!" 

The Problem of Pain

Over time, on account of the disturbing 'official truths' of militant intellectuals and activists, autism has come to be understood not as a disability, but as a superpower; not as a disease, but as something to be 'celebrated.' 

(All this despite the fact that autism is not just a psychological and social disorder, but something which has many physical symptoms, which for some sufferers can be utterly unbearable). 

The sinister rise of postmodern nihilism has ended up crowding out the voices of many people with autism, as well as many loved ones such as parents and families. 

A serious look at the real HUMAN cost of autism is long overdue (cf. Godwin in Cambridge II); one that doesn't hide behind politically correct buzzwords and shallow talking points. 

The Necessity for Courage

This documentary is offered prayerfully for the health of the world, and for the liberation of future generations from the physical, mental and spiritual agony of autism. 

It's time for the voices of pro cure people, including but not limited to pro cure autistics, to finally be heard!

This documentary will display the unspeakable pain caused by autism, as well as the courage and resilience showed by people with autism and their loved ones. 

The Dream of Liberation

It is finally time to push back against the anti-cure ideology, and to probe for the basic core of humanity within every person, autistic or non-autistic alike: and to celebrate the transcendence of suffering, not suffering itself; of courage against incapacity, not incapacity itself; and of power over powerlessness, not powerlessness itself. (cf. Godwin in Cambridge III). 

Until the final happy dawn of liberation from the physical, emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual agony of autism, the only watchword is personal responsibility, individualism, courage and endurance. (cf. Godwin in Cambridge IV). 

But it is far better for unnecessary human suffering to end, than for one to simply endure it, as though it were a strict material necessity. 

In order to help bring about the coming triumph of the pro cure stance, it is necessary to speak the real truth about autism: ultimately, the mainstream narratives of 'celebration' and of 'acceptance' have often ended up being less about accepting autistic people than about accepting autism itself; and less about celebrating courage, resilence and transcendence of pain and anguish, than about celebrating the very infirmity with which such contagious agony and suffering is (so very often) so deeply and intricately linked.

If you have read this far, I want you to know that whoever you are, autistic or non-autistic, the truth is this:

Your suffering, and the suffering of those close to you, is not forgotten.

Together, we will win this battle.

But first of all, I need your help.

This money will be used for any necessary technology (microphone, camera, better laptop), tech expertise (e.g. video editing), travel costs and advertising. I will also be looking for potential collaborators to help: please contact

Every penny you contribute will assist us all in winning the war against autism, and to unite in a common and sacred purpose: that of creating better world for everyone, free of all unnecessary pain, suffering and want.

With sky-high suicide rates and an unbelievably low average age of death, autism has long outstayed its welcome.

The fightback begins here...

My body, my cure.

The ceaseless thirst for human dignity is unstoppable force, and sooner or later we will finally gain our freedom!

Thank you for going what you can to help bring about a world of with less pain, more love,  and of course, more endless joy and wonder and curiosity.

Your compassion will never be forgotten.


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