Grooming Awareness

by Kay Beckmann in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Grooming Awareness
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Saving the people of tomorrow, one child at a time.

by Kay Beckmann in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Why am I here? 

The purpose of Kreate Awareness, is to create awareness through Arts and Social action and all round lending our hands and ears to those who need it most. We are committed to making it as easy and compelling as possible for grooming victims or targets to access the tools, training and support they need to harness their full potentials. 

Before we go through these statistics, please ask yourself this question...How many more families are we going to watch lose their kids or loved ones because of the authorities’ failure to act? We all know the authorities are failing to identify and tackle youth gang(especially young females) involvement.

• A new Government report found that around 27,000 kids under the age of 18, in the heart of England(may I add) have been identified as gang members. 

• An estimated 34,000 children with gang links have been victims of violent crime within the past year or so. 

• Another 313,000 children have connections with gang members. The Government report warned that younger males and females are being maliciously targeted by recruiters. 

• Nearly 500 female under the age of 18 were referred to the Home Office as suspected victims of sexual exploitation – up from 250 in the last three years. A further 110 female minors were referred for labour exploitation, up from 47 in 2014.

• Police have said female were being sexually exploited or used for associated crime, including shoplifting and money laundering. The figures also show there’s been about 66% increase in British nationals identified as potential child trafficking victims in the last 12 months – 38% of whom were female.

Failure by authorities to recognise youth gang involvement is a concern among the few third sector organisations that exist specifically to support these kids in these situations. You also need to take into account that, these kids are as young as 10. 

• Let’s not forget children who come from low income families, these young people have bought into the idea that the only way they can make money is by dealing drugs and committing other illegal activities. 

Over 1,000 county lines are believed to exist across Britain and the phenomenon has caused the Brits to become the largest group of modern slaves identified by authorities.

• Also 58% of knife crimes suspects and 35% of victims were drug dealers or users. 

What am I planning to achieve? 

If you look at the statistics, you’ll find these kids are victims of grooming. My aim is to introduce weapons and grooming awareness programmes/courses for our communities and beyond. The weapons and grooming Awareness Programmes are 2 weeks long for kids between the age of 8 - 21 and I’m aiming for kickoff to be during the Easter Holidays and throughout summer. Now, let’s be honest, going into schools and pitching a weapons and grooming awareness programme isn’t exactly going to appeal to these youths as I’ve heard many parents say, which is why I agree with them. That’s where the arts and social actions come into the equation. Through arts and social actions, anything is doable and most definitely achievable. 

Once these kids have enrolled into the scheme with your help and school’s help, we will support(financially) and guide them every step of the way because it would be naive thinking of achieving these results overnight, but if we work together we can eliminate the risk of grooming in the long run. Ending grooming is putting an end to crimes on our streets. 

When reading this, ask yourself which side of history do you want to be on? Don’t just sit there and watch...Kreate Awareness!

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