Groomer 4 every walk of life (Groom4U)

Groomer 4 every walk of life (Groom4U)

This project is aimed at people on low income such as pensioners and people on benefits to offer a pet grooming service.

We did it!

On 3rd May 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 56 days

This project is all about helping people on low income to care for their pets.

We aim to provide a subsidised pet grooming service, initially covering South London, expanding in the future . 

Our main aim is to help people from all backgrounds on low income to care for and maintain the health of their pets.

Many people on low incomes cannot afford to pay the costly prices that we see today in most grooming services.  Some owners simply cannot afford to treat and condition their pets and are often forced to leave their pets untreated, not because they don't care but because of low income.  We believe this is very harsh and unfair to both owner and pet.

We will provide:

  • a free pick up  and delivery service for pensioners  and disabled people;
  • a subsidised pick up and delivery service for all on low income;
  • a pet grooming service that ensures that animal welfare is kept to a good standard;
  • advice on keeping pets groomed and healthy.

 Animal/s will be collected in the morning or afternoon and will be groomed free of charge for pensioners and at a subsidised rate for people on low income.

The basic grooming session consists of:

  • teeth cleaning;
  • nail clipping;
  • ear cleaning;
  • wash & blow-dry;
  • basic cut.

Our subsidised rates for a basic grooming session are:

  • £10 small sized pet;
  • £15 medium sized pet;
  • £20 large breed.

We want to make a change! To provide this service to people on low income we will have paying clients. However, we will not be charging the extortionate prices of other groomers.   

Grooming is not just about keeping your pet looking pretty or keeping your dog clean, it is about maintaining your animals physical health and well-being. To keep our service as practical and interactive as possible with our clients we will have a photo gallery, competitions and charity events to help raise funds.

All money raised will go to the buying of equipment and installation of a Mobile Grooming Van.

We need you to help us make this happen! 

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