To inspire the next generation about food by getting them to grow their own mushrooms from coffee waste.

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About GroKids

We want to inspire the next generation about growing food & reducing waste - by helping them grow their own mushrooms from waste coffee grounds!

Get involved by pledging your support to this campaign & ordering a GroKids Kit for Christmas.

The GroKids Kit



The GroKids Kit is about making learning fun.

With the simple-to-use pack you can grow, cook and learn together.

The kit has been developed to make it super easy and fun for children to grow their own Oyster mushrooms at home from recycled coffee grounds. 

They just open the kit, spray with water each day and watch them grow! 

Alongside this, the kit has an educational booklet which teaches about the wonderful role that mushrooms play in nature, as well as a pack of dried mushrooms and a mushroom burger recipe to get cooking with.

 Included in the GroKids Kit is:

  • 1 x GroCycle Mushroom Kit
  • 1 x Pack of dried Oyster mushrooms
  • 1 x Educational booklet and recipe sheet

500 limited quantity available for Christmas 2017. Pledge to this campaign to order yours now.


Who Are We?


GroCycleis an award winning sustainable mushroom farm based in Devon. We run the UK's first Urban mushroom farm, growing gourmet Oyster & Shiitake mushrooms using low-tech sustainable methods. 

Watch this short video to see more about what we do:

GroCycle Kit: The GroCycle Kit was our first product and we designed it to bring the joy of growing mushrooms into people's homes. It's similar to the GroKids Kit but without the dried mushrooms & educational booklet. Since 2011, more than 30,000 people have nurtured and eaten their own fine crop of mushrooms with a GroCycle Kit!

Online Course: We also love spreading the idea, so we created an online course to teach aspiring mushroom farmers around the world. Growers in more than 42 countries are now applying what they've learnt and using it to bring sustainable mushrooms to their local area.

Why Are We Crowdfunding?

The GroKids Kit is a product we care deeply about. We've been thinking about it for a few years now and have never had the time to properly launch it and get it out there for children to enjoy.

So we decided to run a special crowdfunding campaign for it this Christmas to test the idea and see if there is interest in it.

The strength of sharing positive ideas can be powerful and we're hoping this campaign can help to spread the GroKids Kit far and wide. 

If it goes well, 500 kids will wake up on Christmas morning with something really interesting in their stocking!

And it will help push us on to develop Schools Growing Program, bringing the process to more kids in classrooms across the country.

The Rewards:  How It Works

Choose one of the options to pledge support to the campaign and get involved:

  • £20: Get a GroKids Kit for Christmas. Pledge £20 and we'll send you a GroKids Kit after the campaign ends on 11th December (It will arrive to you by 20th December in time for Christmas).

  • £40: Get 2 x GroKids Kits for Christmas. Pledge £40 and we'll send you 2 GroKids Kits (to the same address) after the campaign ends on 11th December (They will arrive to you by 20th December in time for Christmas).

  • £250: Get membership to our popular Low tech Mushroom Farming Online Course, where we teach in detail how to set up and run a small scale mushroom farm. For more info about what is taught in the course, have a look here, and if you have any questions, please email (Reward available now, just email after pledging)

  • £500: Corporate Gift (25 x GroKids Kits): pledge £500 and we'll send you 25 GroKids Kits to give to your employees for their kids this Christmas. (The Kits will arrive by 20th December)

  • £1000: Corporate CSR: sponsor the campaign as part of your corporate social responsibility program & we'll promote the good your company is doing to our audience of 25,000+ followers

  • £5000: Sponsor our pilot Schools Program: in 2018 we'll send a GroKids Kit to 250 schools around the UK and feature your company as the program sponsor.

If you have any questions about any of the rewards or are interested in sponsoring a Schools Program, just drop us an email to 

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