Grizzled Designs

by Allicia Abbott in Arksey, England, United Kingdom

Grizzled Designs
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To turn old wood, that would end up in a skip or fire into beautiful pieces of jewellery and homeware.

by Allicia Abbott in Arksey, England, United Kingdom

Help us get our business off the ground.

Who are we?

Hi I’m Allicia,Six years ago,I became a carer to my adult Down’s syndrome sister Georgia-Rose after she was not eligible for any more college funding and a lack of services for people with disabilities . After having a managerial career in the hospitality trade, the long hours and lack of work life balance affected my mental health enough that I had or give up work. At the time becoming a carer for someone I love was a convenient solution for all of us. 

 When my mental health got better I started applying for job after job, but having a gap in my cv and still caring for a loved one, does not bode well, even after a fruitful career. 

So what do two people that don’t fit conventional  employability, and don’t want to rely on the benefit system  do? They find some something to do that they love, and start a business doing it. 

We started Grizzled Designs, originally as a hobby,something we could do to keep ourselves busy, motivated,and for me, to stop feeling like that society had branded us hopeless causes. 

Seeing the large amount of reusable and reclaimable wood, pallets discarded on the side of the road, broken but fixable furniture in peoples gardens destined for the tip, people giving away planks and off cuts of good wood, as fire wood. We had an idea, why not repurpose it into beautiful pieces of jewellery and homeware. 
From my living room that doubles as our workshop and with only a second hand bandsaw,sander and a few other basic tools we’ve managed to get to work.

What’s our Goal?

With the growing appreciation for all things reausable, recycled and Upcycled, the environmental impact that living in our throw away society has. The lack of support and understanding surrounding people with disabilities and the people who care for them, We would like to not only continue on our journey to reclaim and recycle wood into beautiful things, but help others that are in similar situations do the the same. We want to grow our business enough so we can move out of my living room, get a little shop and workspace and be and able to employ people who struggle as we do. 

What we need? 

First and foremost, in order for us to keep coming up with and producing our designs, we need more than basic tools. Tools come with a hefty price tag that we can’t afford to purchase without help. 

An appropriate space to be able to work. A living room full of sawdust does not make for a happy household. 

To advance our skill set by attending woodworking workshops.

One mans trash is another woman’s treasure. 


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